Winter 2015/2016 Technology Asset Inventory

During Winter break, UIS will be inventorying all university owned computers and printers.

Why Are We Doing It

UIS manages a database of university owned technology. See our knowledgebase article on Asset Tagging for more on what items we track. An accurate database is essential for effective lifecycle replacement planning. UIS sends inventory sheets and solicits changes and corrections as part of the yearly computer lifecycle replacement planning. However, a periodic hands-on inventory is essential for maximizing the accuracy of our records.

Who is Involved

The Technology Helpdesk is conducting the inventory, with assistance from Health Professions Information Services.

Project Timeline

December 2015 | Planning and communication about the project.

January 2016 | Hands on inventory in all rooms on the Forest Grove and Hillsboro campuses with known computers and printers.  The following rough schedule is subject to change:

  • Week of Jan. 4 to Jan. 8: Marsh (289 assets), Pacific University Library (115 assets), Knight (19), Drake (5), Duniway (10), CPS House (7), Bates (18), World Languages (11), 2223 Main Street (2), Frye (13 assets), Roger's (7 assets), Cedar Street (1), Creamery Building (12), Health Center (45).
  • Week of Jan. 11 to Jan. 15: ​Jefferson (180 assets), Berglund (128), Abbott (7), Taylor-Meade (2), Strain (108), Brown (2), Price (103), Murdock (71)
  • Week of Jan. 18 to Jan. 22: Washburne (40 assets), Warner (17), Walter (47), Vandervelden (2), Stoller (104), Sunset (13), Paradise (8), Lincoln Park (2), Clark Hall (38), Burlingham (2), Cascade (2), Chapman (12), Gilbert (6), McCormick (7)
  • Week of Jan. 25 to Jan. 29: Creighton Hall (344 assets), HPC 2 (126), ITF (28), Scott Hall (120) 

February 2016 | Compilation of list of all unaccounted-for computers and printers. Emails sent to the contacts of record for those computers.

March 2016 | Replies due to emails about unaccounted for computers. Entry of changes to the property database

Frequently Asked Questions

How will we recognize members of the inventory team?

They will be wearing picture-ID name badges reading "UIS Technology Assistant" and will announce themselves upon arrival in your space.

What will the team need access to?

The team will need to be able to see all computers and printers kept in a space and read the "Property of Pacific" asset tag numbers off of each.  They do not need to log onto or otherwise use any of the computers.

What if nobody is in the office?

The inventory team will have access to keys for many spaces containing shared technology resources, otherwise they will ask Campus Public Safety to help them gain entry.

What if a computer is not in the office?

Members of the team will record the fact that the computer is not there, then an email will go to the employee associated with that computer in our records asking for information about its current status.

What about locations not in Forest Grove or Hillsboro?

We will be inventorying the technology in these locations via email.

What if there are particular times or dates that are inconvenient to have members of the inventory team in the office?

Contact project manager, Brian King.