Windows 10 Validation Project

UIS in engaged in a project to test Windows 10 for adoption as the official operating system for university-owned PCs starting summer of 2016.

Why Are We Doing It

Windows 7 is nearing the end of its life as an officially supported operating system.  Before adopting Windows 10 as the default operating system for new PCs, UIS will endeavor to test commonly used and high-importance technologies to make sure they work on Windows 10.

Who is Involved

Windows 10 validation is being carried out by a team that includes members of the Technology Helpdesk, Enterprise Data Systems, Technology Operations and Health Professions Information Services groups of UIS, with assistance from power users within the Pacific community when necessary.

Project Timeline

  • December 2016 | Creation of a preliminary list of items to be tested
  • January-February 2016 Testing begins on items
  • March 2016 | Windows 10 team meets to make a decision about the use of Windows 10 on computer for Summer 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I contact if I want something tested or have concerns about Windows 10?

Contact project manager, Brian King.

Do you need volunteers to have their computers upgrade to Windows 10 (in other words, early adopters)?

No, not at this time.

What if the Windows 10 Validation team finds some technology that does not work, or has issues or problems, in Windows 10?

The team will research fixes, workarounds and alternatives, will consider the business impact to the university of what they have found, and will consider this when making their final decision.

Will existing Windows 7 computers be upgraded to Windows 10 after Windows 10 is adopted?

UIS does not plan to upgrade the operating system on existing Windows 7 computers at this time, but may consider doing so at some point in the future.