UIS Enterprise System Projects

What Are UIS Enterprise System Projects?

Enterprise projects are projects that relate to the various systems that the Enterprise Data Systems team in UIS supports. These systems include

  • Colleague and its Operational Data Store (Colleague ODS)
  • EMS scheduling system
  • Raiser's Edge
  • Recruiter and its Operational Data Store (Recruiter ODS)
  • Other systems and services that use data from or provide data to these enterprise systems

These projects typically involve a combination of changes in both business processes and systems setups, and sometimes involve customization of the software, itself. Because these systems are used across multiple areas and contain data relied upon by many different departments, even minor changes can have far-reaching impact. Often, people from multiple departments might need to participate in these efforts in order to ensure their success.

Because resources (people, knowledge, skill-sets) from so many departments may be needed for any given endeavor, such projects need to be carefully coordinated. All proposals are evaluated, prioritized, and scheduled by an advisory team, the Enterprise Project Planning group, in coordination with UIS. This group has representation from each department that uses any of these various systems. Once projects are scheduled, someone from the main business unit sponsoring the project typically will manage the project work, itself.

Enterprise Project Examples

Projects funneled through the Enterprise Project Planning group vary widely in size and complexity. Some examples are as follows:

  • Establishment of the TouchNet Marketplace solution and its direct integration with the Business Office accounting system in Colleague
  • Expansion of Recruiter to include graduate and professional programs
  • Implementation of the EMS scheduling system

Current Enterprise Project List

Here is a list of projects proposed to the Enterprise Project Planning team, with their statuses as of the 2nd quarter of 2019: Enterprise Project Planning_20190613.pdf (pdf).  Please note that you will need to log into Box under a Pacific University account to view this file.