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STEPS Environmental Scan

STEPS is a newsletter intended to inform Pacific University of trends in higher education locally and nationwide. This information will support strategic planning processes across the university.

STEPS 2017-01
STEPS 2017-03



Access to some of these data resources may be limited. Please contact OIRA with any questions.

Student Enrollment Trends
Student Credit Hours Trends
Pacific Survey of Alumni 2013
Pacific Survey of Alumni 2016

DoEd College Scorecard Summary
Distance Enrollment Comparisons
WHICHE 2016 High School Graduates Forecast

Freshman Admissions Trends Comparisons
Retention Rate Comparisons
Freshmen Migration 2014
UG Program Completions Comparisons
UG Class Size Distribution Comparison 2015-14
Freshman Graduation Rates Comparisons
Freshman SAT and GPA Comparisons 2015-16