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State of the University Environmental Scan

Former President Hallick's State of the University presentations includes a wealth of information including selected trends in higher education in addition to numerous Pacific trends and statistics. These presentations were shared to inform the campus community and the Board of Trustees as well as support strategic planning across the university.


STEPS Environmental Scan

STEPS is an occasional newsletter intended to capture trends in higher education locally and nationwide and provide a reference to inform the Pacific University community and support strategic planning processes.

STEPS Environment Scan 2023-24 Working Draft
STEPS Environment Scan 2022-23
STEPS Environment Scan 2021-22
STEPS Environment Scan 2020-21
STEPS Environment Scan 2017-03
STEPS Environment Scan 2017-01


Higher Education Price Index

Higher Education Price Index (HEPI) is provided by the Commonfund Institute. According to the Commonfund Institute: HEPI is an inflation index designed specifically for use by institutions of higher education. HEPI measures the average relative level in the price of a fixed market basket of goods and services purchased by colleges and universities each year through current fund educational and general expenditures, excluding research. A more accurate indicator of cost changes for colleges and universities than the Consumer Price Index (CPI), HEPI is used primarily to project future budget increases required to preserve purchasing power.

HEPI and CPI by fiscal year


College Scorecard Summary

This is an annual summary of the U.S. Department of Education's College Scorecard, a resource that provides comprehensive data on graduation rates, costs, student loan debt, post-graduation earnings, and more. To help inform decision makers and planning, a selection of these statistics is provided with comparisons with an expanded group of regional institutions. Descriptions of the variables in these reports is provided in this draft Glossary of variables in the College Scorecard Summary

College Scorecard Summary 2022-23
College Scorecard Summary 2021-22
College Scorecard Summary 2020-21
College Scorecard Summary 2019-20
College Scorecard Summary 2018-19