Strategic Planning

Strategic planning at Pacific is orchestrated around an annual cycle of review and implemented, in part, through integration with our budgeting process.


At a high level, the strategic planning process follows an annual cycle of analysis, update, implementation/proposal, and review. This process can be seen in the strategic planning and budget calendar which shows the close integration with the budgeting process.

  1. Conduct analysis of program/unit strengths, opportunities, challenges, and assessment practices.
  2. Update shared strategic plans. To edit your strategic plan in Box, use this link.
  3. Use strategic plan and related analysis and review to inform budget requests. Link budget and capital requests to strategic plan via the mission theme references.
  4. The budget process provides review and feedback of strategic planning items included in the budget.

Strategic Plans

The Pacific University Vision 2020 Strategic Plan (pdf) was approved by the Board of Trustees on May 18, 2012.

Strategic plans for units, departments, colleges, and schools are available to the campus community. These are designed to be living documents that will be updated and changed to best serve Pacific's Mission and adapt to the results of our analysis and environmental considerations.


Documentation created throughout the annual cycle is collected in four summary documents for review and reference.