Exiting the University

It is hoped that becoming a part of the Boxer community is deemed rewarding and life-lasting. However, we understand that circumstances can arise for students that may not have been originally foreseen. If these circumstances require you to take some time off from school or re-locate to another college or university, there are some things you can do to make the process a bit smoother.

If you plan to leave Pacific University, you will need to complete an exit withdrawal interview.

Ingrid Unterseher, 503- 352-2212, or untersei@pacificu.edu, conducts exit interviews with students. This conversation helps to ensure that a student’s business with the university is completely wrapped up before they leave. She can discuss the difference between a withdrawal and a leave of absence. She will help guide students to any other necessary offices that they need to communicate with before leaving the university. In addition, she will discuss the readmission process.