Faculty and Staff Resources

What we do

Located in the Rogers Building, 2019 21st Ave., Forest Grove (next to the Milky Way), our office is an overall events logistics support team for on-campus and off-campus clients to facilitate:

  • Room Scheduling
  • Room Setup and Takedown
  • Technology Assistance
  • Working with Catering
  • Assisting with Rental Needs
  • Summer Housing
  • Risk Management
  • Contracts

Our goal is to allow university event planners to focus on critical facets of events, such as programming and hospitality, and leave the logistics to us. In order to provide services, we must receive requests in time to plan for scheduling. With more than 5,000 events and meetings scheduled throughout the year, early planning is crucial. All after-hours support staff are Pacific students who require advance scheduling.

Planning your event

Step 1: Determine your needs. The following is a list of helpful areas to consider when starting to plan an event:

  • What type of event will it be? Meeting, conference, performance, outdoor or indoor venue
  • When is the event? Date, time and length of event
  • How long will it take to set up and clean up before and after event?
  • What A/V and technical needs will your event require?
  • Check the calendar to determine what else is happening that day? Are there other events that day that would conflict with your event?
  • How large is the event? How many people will be attending, what type of seating will be needed, classroom style or collaborative table groupings?
  • What is your budget? How much per person, total money available?
  • Will food be served? Breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks or maybe only beverages are needed.

Step 2: Log in to EMS to fill out the online event reservation request at least two weeks prior to the day of your event.

Step 3: Scheduler will confirm request or find out more info before confirming your event

Step 4: Based on size and scope of event, CESS staff will set up a meeting to review event plan, setup, clean up, A/V, catering, etc.

Step 5: Success!