Begin to arrange project commitments such as course release time, etc. Begin the process to obtain special University clearances such as IRB or IACUC review. The Office of Research can assist you in this process.

Project Commitments

  • Identify critical resources such as personnel. What expertise do you need to complete your project? Obtain commitments from personnel whether they are internal or external resources.
  • Determine if you need to purchase equipment to conduct your project. If so, does the funder or sponsor require matching dollars? If so, obtain necessary approval from your department chair, dean or director.
  • Identify the type of space needed to conduct your project (e.g., office, laboratory, classrooms and supplies that are essential for the project).
  • Use a team approach to develop your proposal. Team members will need to agree on the project concept and that the project is a match with the funder’s priorities and interests.
  • Obtain commitments from project participants (e.g., participants' time and effort and cost-sharing/matching resources – in-kind, cash, personnel, facilities, equipment, etc.). Get necessary authorizations in writing; the grant officers will assist in this process.
  • Assign tasks to team members (e.g., gather data, contact potential project participants, write sections of the proposal, review drafts of the proposal, etc.).
  • Establish a schedule and give yourself enough time to organize a proposal development team, solicit a volunteer review team, refine your project idea, gather supporting information, secure external partners, obtain written commitments from partners, write sections of the proposal, review and edit proposal drafts and obtain all necessary authorizations before moving forward.