Route for Approval

Once you have completed your final review of the proposal, it requires review and approval by the appropriate vice presidents, deans, directors, department chairs and institute and/or center directors. Your grant officer will work with you to secure this approval.

Of course, the first step will be to secure your department chair's and dean's or director's approvals to move forward – especially if your proposal requires additional personnel, release time, facilities and/or an institutional match. Your grant officer will then route your proposal to the appropriate vice president(s) for authorization.

Please plan well in advance to obtain these authorizations, especially when your proposal, grant or contract requires the signature of the University's president.

Finally, your grant officer will serve as the Authorized University Official when signing and submitting your grant application to the funder. They will package your application, along with any required attachments, and submit or upload to the funder.

Approval is also required for all submissions to external organizations where funding is sought for fellowships, travel funds and other types of support for individual faculty, staff and students where the University is to be the recipient of the funds.