For Our Donors

Thank you to Pacific’s amazing alumni, family and friends who have welcomed us into their home via the telephone! More than 30 students are employed as callers through the Pacific University Phonathon calling program this year, and many of them are first-time callers. Working together as a strong and supportive team, these students are reaching out to Pacific’s alumni, friends and family for their support of the Pacific Excellence Fund, student success, and much more.

Their calls are not just about seeking financial support.

Phonathon is an opportunity for all our alumni, family and friends to reconnect with the university and the students who are enrolled today. Student callers receive the gratifying experience of reaching out and connecting beyond the four walls of Pacific through:

  • Listening to the alumni’s fondest memories of Pacific.

  • Answering inquiries on how today’s students enjoy the newly renovated and constructed on-campus housing.

  • Enjoying casual conversation about past and current professors, the Boxer, athletics, and life today at Pacific.

  • And, receiving valuable work experience that will benefit them throughout their careers.

We look forward to sharing exciting updates with everyone and hope that you will consider this as an opportunity to support the student experience at Pacific.

For Pacific Students

The Pacific University Phonathon, or PUP as it's called by students, is a great way for students to become leaders among their peers and ambassadors of the university. Students have the opportunity to connect with alumni, update alumni records, and relay updates about the university while doing important work of securing financial support for student success.

Pacific University students are able to gain valuable experience to help them become competitive Pacific graduates, including:

  • Developing interpersonal skills that can’t be learned in a classroom.
  • Building strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Networking with Pacific’s alumni population.
  • Making lasting memories with other Pacific students.
  • And making an important difference that supports you, the students.