Email Communications

Marketing & Communications helps manage internal and external mass email communications with faculty and staff, students, alumni and friends of Pacific. 

Mass email communications may include:

  • A single email announcement to a specified group
  • An email campaign, such as a multi-week series of single emails promoting an event
  • An e-newsletter, including several stories or events in a single email, published at regular intervals 

Internal Communication

A multi-channel approach to internal communication is best. Depending on your message, you may want to consider digital signs, posters & flyers, website posts, and announcements at meetings, in addition to email.

Employee E-News

The best email option for communicating with employees is to include an item in Employee E-News, which sends to all employees weekly. To submit an item for Employee E-News, complete this form. Submissions must be received by noon Tuesday to be included in the current week's newsletter.

Student E-News

The best email option for communicating with students is to include an item in the student e-newsletter(s), which will distribute on Wednesdays starting in August 2018. To submit an item for a student e-newsletter, complete this form. Submissions must be received by noon Tuesday to be included in the current week's newsletter.

Campus Emails

Standalone mass emails to employees and/or students require the approval of a vice president. These are limited to high-level university business and announcements and should not include event promotion. To request a mass email, please contact Jenni Luckett.

Department E-Newsletters

Some offices and departments may also be interested in internal e-newsletters sent on a regular basis to faculty, staff and students. In general, we discourage internal-only e-newsletters, suggesting instead that important information be conveyed via existing channels, like Employee E-News and the newsfeeds, in order to avoid overwhelming recipients with email. However, exceptions can be made depending on the amount and kind of content to be shared. Contact Jenni Luckett for more information. E-newsletters that have both an internal and external audience (for example, including alumni or donors) must go through University Advancement, using the processes below.

Other Communications

Faculty members communicating with their students may also use communications tools in Moodle and other course software independent of this system.

Boxer Alerts

Boxer Alerts are emergency notifications sent via email and text to registered users of the Boxer Alert system. These are only used to announce unexpected closures or delays to business hours or in the event of an imminent danger or concern. Make sure your current contact information is in the Boxer Alert system.

External & Alumni Communication

All mass emails and e-newsletters that include alumni and donors are sent through University Advancement. This allows us to monitor the amount of email that constituents receive from Pacific each day and to align our messaging, branding and communications flow. These communications also use contact information from our constituents' official records in the university database and allow us to track and honor each person's email preferences, in accordance with federal law. 

To request an email or e-newsletter, please complete this request form.

University Advancement also can help with messages to non-alumni and donor audiences, including university partners, students, parents and others. You can complete the same form to initiate an email campaign, or contact us for more information.