Using Social Media Personally

Pacific University employees and students may choose to use social media for personal purposes outside of Official University Social Media Sites. However, individuals are still responsible for following applicable state and federal laws and regulations, university policies, and policies set forth by the social media platform.

  • Pacific University employees must not divulge any protected confidential information, they have access to as employees, including but not limited to information protected by FERPA, HIPPA, etc.
  • The Pacific University Employee and Student Conduct policies prohibit violence or abusive behavior, including threatening statements, harassment, or behavior, in any setting.
  • Individuals may engage in political activities only in their individual capacity and must avoid the appearance of speaking or acting for the university in political matters. (See Political Campaigning Policy.)

Pacific employees who choose to affiliate themselves with the university on their personal social media accounts, such as by listing an employer, are strongly encouraged to publicly note that opinions expressed on those accounts are their own. An appropriate place to do so might be in an “about” section of the account. Example: “My opinions are my own and do not necessarily represent my employer or anyone else.”