Blogs & External Sites


Blogs can be an amazing social media tool. They are great at promoting discussion and thought around particular topics and subjects.

Like all social media tools, blogs require ongoing attention. Develop a plan for how to consistently publish new content and how you can position yourself as a thought leader in your area.

All blogs associated with Pacific University and its various groups use a university-branded template to maintain a professional, cohesive appearance. Wordpress and Blogger are the preferred platforms.

To use a blog— or any social media— for business purposes, please complete a request with Marketing & Communications.

Other External Sites

Pacific University’s online home is Content hosted on the Pacific University website enjoys an extremely high ranking in search engines, the academic legitimacy of a .edu domain extension, and a dynamic design that allows for shared content across the university.

Multiple websites and domains would dilute these benefits. Although a few external sites exist, such as and Pacific Magazine, for these reasons, separate websites are not developed to host content for academic areas, departments or campuses.