Email Marketing

Digital communication with a large audience is best accomplished through email marketing. An email marketing client provides the tools to create a branded email, with imagery and text, and to send it efficiently to a group of people.

At Pacific, University Advancement is tasked with sending all mass email and e-newsletters to alumni and donors must go through University Advancement. Mailing lists must be requested through Advancement Services, and the message will be scheduled, prepared and sent by University Advancement. We will work closely with you to plan, build, proof and send your messages. To request an email or e-newsletter, please complete this online form

University Advancement also can help with messages to non-alumni and donor audiences, including university partners, students, parents and others. You can complete the same form to initiate an email campaign, or contact us for more information.

Email Marketing Tips

  • Ensure the email is sent from a consistent and recognizable email address, preferably an official Pacific University account
  • Write engaging and concise subject lines that communicate the message in as few words as possible
  • Create content that is engaging, concise and actionable. Use language that encourages readers to take action, such as “register now” or “give today.”
  • Include visuals when possible. Use high-res photos, preferably in the .png format, which is best suited to screen display. A high-resolution .tiff or .jpeg will do. Add captions when possible.
  • Personalize emails with a signature and contact information.
  • Align body text left, not centered or right
  • Make use of tracking data, and adjust your methods based on audience response