Pacific University Website

The Pacific University website at is the primary online presence for the university and a global platform for sharing information about the Pacific community.

Pacific understood the vast potential to share our small university to a world audience early on and became a pioneer on the fledgling internet when the website first launched in October 1995. The website was significantly restructured and redesigned in 2017 and is constantly being updated as technology changes and best practices evolve.

Today, the Pacific University website is a vital tool helping connect potential students, alumni, graduate students, and the greater community with the university.

Thousands of people visit the website everyday and traffic continues to grow. The Pacific University website enjoys a high search index ranking, making it Pacific University's most visible asset.

The Office of Marketing & Communications maintains the overall style and presentation of the university website. In addition to a dedicated internet team within MarCom, more than 200 trained web editors manage, update, and create content for the website, providing coverage in every area of the university. All of the content sits on the university server, and all of our webpages are created within our customized content management system and our online standards.

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