Web Editor Resources

Web editors play an important role in ensuring the quality of the content on the university website.

While the Office of Marketing & Communications maintains the overall style and presentation of the university website, and oversees and works with content development, web editors are essential to maintaining, creating and updating content.

Web Standards

If you are responsible for updating webpages on the Pacific University website, you will use the web standards found within our Brand Standards. Our web standards help us maintain a consistent and professional web presence.

Web Editor Permissions

Once having completed training, all web editors are assigned basic permissions, which includes editing basic pages they are responsible for, new pages, and the ability to use Press/News content type.

Web editors need to first sign into the site at pacificu.edu/user in order to start editing or creating content. Most web editors sign in using their PUnet ID by clicking the grey log-in buttons.

Areas with multiple editors may have an area account that web editors share to access content. Web editors using areas accounts sign in with the area account username by clicking the red link "Log in as an administrator or area account."

The area account manager provides log in information to approved, trained editors in their area.

Web editors may request access to pages and other content types, such as Faculty/Staff or Area of Study by emailing webteam@pacificu.edu. For more information on editing and creating content, please take a look at web editor's frequently asked questions.

Web Editor Communication

Important information on website updates, trainings or web editor resources are communicated to web editors using newsletters and web editor mailing list.

If you have questions regarding the website, please email webteam@pacificu.edu with the URL of the page in question. This will ensure we are able to respond quickly.