Social Media

If you are interested in using social media for business purposes at Pacific University, the Office of Marketing & Communications will assist you in creating your social media account(s).

Before determining if social media is right for your communication plans and for your audience, we will discuss and evaluate your request. Marketing & Communications guides appropriate usage and will work with you on strategy, set up, audience interaction, monitoring and metrics. We encourage you to have a discussion with us so we can provide guidance and better understand your goals. Social media requires resources, so when considering usage it’s important to recognize there is a daily time commitment you will need to make to be successful.

When Considering a Business-Related Account

  • Create a personal account
  • Listen, learn and research the conventions used in the social media sites you are using
  • Learn about the culture, logistics and best practices of social media through your personal accounts
  • Interact and participate to gain an understanding of how to communicate timely and effectively
  • Research business usage that is of interest to your area
  • Read recent articles on social media, including
  • Discuss your ideas with Marketing & Communications
  • Consider your goals. Social media is a communications and marketing tool that can be used for recruitment, retention, alumni relations, donor stewardship, media relations and other relationship-building strategies.
  • Social media is about community, conversation and engagement. Social media is not a one-way advertising channel.

Set Up Guidelines

  • Requests to use social media for business purposes are submitted to Marketing & Communications
  • Maintenance of an approved user list for the university occurs within Marketing & Communications
  • Refer to the social media usage guidelines if you are considering social media in your marketing and communications plans
  • Submit the Social Media Account Authorization (pdf) when you are ready to get started
  • Once we have a Social Media Account Authorization from you, we will review, discuss and determine next steps. Some, but not all, requests are approved for Pacific University business purposes.
  • Creation of social media accounts will be set up in partnership with Marketing & Communications
  • If approved, Social Media Usage Guidelines (pdf) will be provided and followed to ensure proper usage as well as the protection and safety of Pacific University, its employees and students. See this document for more details.
  • Plan for a member of your staff to administer your business social media account(s) using a Pacific University email address
  • Support social media efforts with student interns as able, who with your guidance, can assist with your social media day-to-day management