Pacific University Brand

How do we convey the Boxer Spirit?

In many ways it’s intangible: It’s the small, nurturing environment students find on our campuses. It’s the relationships they build with their professors and with one another. It’s a spirit of community-mindedness, of caring for one another and the world, of preparing to lead in a global community.

We bring this spirit to life through the stories we tell and the ways we tell them. From an Admissions poster to our university website, a postcard to a personal letter, our brand is the visual and editorial representation of the Boxer Spirit.

Our strong institutional brand helps us share a consistent message and identity as a university, and it sets us apart in a highly competitive market.

The unified identity system outlined in our Pacific University Brand Standards provides a framework for the entire Pacific University committee to consistently communicate our identity. This includes use of the Pacific University logo, color palette, fontsgraphic elements, along with messaging, multimedia and editorial style.

By using these standards, along with consistent imagery — nearly always, color photography — throughout all our campuses and sites, departments, programs, schools, colleges, centers and institutes, you help us visually define Pacific University in a strong, consistent manner that is recognizable and respected.

Please join us in proudly incorporating the Pacific University Brand Standards into every facet of our marketing and communications, strengthening Pacific University and spreading the Boxer Spirit.