Business Correspondence

Brochures, posters and advertisements are high-visibility ways to share the Pacific University message, but day-to-day correspondence is a much more common channel that every member of the Pacific community uses. Subtle cues, like consistent font choice, signature messaging, and logo use, can help your correspondence represent the Pacific University brand well.


The preferred font for email is Verdana. Follow Pacific’s editorial style for professional communications.

Be sure that your signature provides appropriate contact information for you and for the university. You can download email signature options or follow these tips:

  • The URL does not need an http or www
  • There’s no need to include a 1- before the phone number
  • Be sure that all phone numbers are numeric only and that you use hyphens, rather than periods, between numbers
  • Don't use backgrounds or highlight text as they render the message inaccessible for people with visual disabilities
  • Don't use the logo or other artwork in your signature since the most recipients receive the logo as an attachment rather than as a viewable file next to your name as intended.

Your signature includes the following with a P.S. or additional phrase suggested:

Your Name | Title | 503-352-xxxx
Department/College/School | Location/Room

Pacific University | 2043 College Way
Forest Grove, OR 97116

To paste the email signature template directly into your email signature box, make sure to select the clipboard icon after pasting and select "Keep source formatting."


Letterhead & Business Pack

Garamond is the best font choice for university correspondence.

All faculty, staff and students have access to a coordinated system of printed stationary and identification materials, including letterhead, envelopes, notecards and business cards.

These materials may be ordered pre-printed through the Service Center. The Service Center also provides duplication services for print materials, such as class handouts, department forms, and campus flyers.

An electronic letterhead file template also is available in to print your own documents.

Please note that all university employees, including those at Pacific clinics, use the same business card style, ordered through the Service Center.


Marketing & Communications provides a variety of templates to assist in consistent university communications. Templates include business materials, flyers, brochures and postcards.