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Hanson Stadium name of soccer, football, lacrosse and track and field facility in Lincoln Park Athletic Complex, including Ledbetter Field

Hawai'i a resident is a “person from Hawai'i” or “Hawai'i resident,” not necessarily Hawaiian. Include okina when possible.

Hawaiian refers to a person of Hawaiian/Pacific Islander ethnicity. Do not use in reference to apparel; aloha wear is preferred.

Hawai'i Office

headlines use title case, capitalizing all words except articles and prepositions

healthcare one word

Healthcare Administration shortened form of Master's of Healthcare Administration, a program within the School of Healthcare Administration and Leadership in the College of Health Professions

healthcare compliance a master’s certificate available through the School of Healthcare Administration and Leadership in the College of Health Professions

Health Professions Campus has been renamed the Hillsboro Campus. Do not refer to as the Health Professions Campus.

Hillsboro Argus newspaper in Hillsboro. Argus on second reference.

Hillsboro Building 2 the second building constructed at Pacific's Hillsboro Campus. Formerly HPC2.

Hillsboro Campus (formerly called the Health Professions Campus) includes Creighton Hall, Hillsboro Building 2 and a portion of the Intermodal Transit Facility


Housing & Residence Life


the Index second reference for The Pacific Index

Indigenous capitalize this term used to refer to original inhabitants of a place. See race and ethnicity for more information.

Intermodal Transit Facility a shared facility with Pacific University, Portland Community College, Tuality Healthcare and the City of Hillsboro, houses classrooms and offices at the Hillsboro Campus along with public parking for cars and bicycles


Kathrin Cawein Gallery of Art the art gallery located in Scott Hall (pronounced “ka-wine”). Cawein Gallery on second reference.

KPUR Pacific’s student-run radio station


Latino/a/x, capitalize. Latino is often the preferred noun or adjective for a person from, or whose ancestors were from, a Spanish-speaking land or culture or from Latin America. Latina is the feminine form. Some prefer the recently coined gender-neutral term LatinxHispanic is also generally acceptable for those in the U.S. See race and ethnicity for more information.

Learning Support Services LSS internally. Former name of the Office of Accessibility & Accommodation Services.

LEED Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, environmental building certification from the Green Building Council. All Pacific buildings since 2005 seek LEED-certification.

Ledbetter Field name of the playing field within Hanson Stadium, part of the Lincoln Park Athletic Complex. Home to Pacific’s soccer, football and lacrosse teams. Named for Trustee Kim (& Barb) Ledbetter in Fall 2017.

Libraries Pacific University Libraries when referencing the system. The Forest Grove Campus Library is named the Tim & Cathy Tran Library, or Tran Library on second reference. Other campus libraries are designated by location: Pacific Library in Hillsboro or Hillsboro Campus Library, Pacific Library in Eugene or Eugene Campus Library, etc.

Lincoln Park Athletic Complex the athletic complex located north of the Bill & Cathy Stoller Center. Comprised of Ledbetter FieldHanson Stadium, Chuck Bafaro Stadium at Bond Field and Sherman/Larkins Stadium. Operated in partnership with the City of Forest Grove.

Lower Level the basement of Marsh Hall

Lū'au feast and entertainment held the second Saturday in April. Lū'au began with the founding of Nā Haumāna 'O Hawai'i, which was founded in 1959.


MAX light rail system runs from Portland to Hillsboro

maiden names see names

Mail Services on-campus mail center

Makerspace informal name of the Boxer Makerspace in the Tran Library

Marsh Hall main administration and classroom building on the Forest Grove Campus, built in 1895. Home of Taylor Auditorium.

Marketing & Communications Office of Marketing & Communications, Marketing & Communications Office, MarCom internally

master’s degree master of arts, MA; master of arts in teaching, MAT; master of business administration, MBA; executive master of business administration, EMBA; master of education, MEd; master of education/visual function in learning, MEd/VFL; master of fine arts, MFA; master of healthcare administration, MHA; master of science, MS; master of science in athletic training, MSAT; master of science in finance, MSF

master’s of healthcare administration degree offered by the School of Healthcare Administration & Leadership within the College of Health Professions. Shortened MHA.

McCready Hall auditorium located in Taylor-Meade Performing Arts Center

McCormick Hall student residence hall

midnight preferable to 12 a.m. See times of day.

Ming a Chinese temple idol given to Pacific by Mary Elizabeth Smith Tomme ’40 and Georgena Potts ’39 as a temporary replacement for the missing Boxer.

months spell out when they stand alone or with a year only. Do not separate month and year with comma. In a complete date, abbreviate appropriate months: Jan., Feb., Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov., Dec. Spell out all others. (e.g. Smith changed jobs in February 2011. The event was held Jan. 2. The baby was born Aug. 6, 2012.)

Multipurpose Room located on the lower level of the University Center. MPR internally.


Nā Haumāna ‘O Hawai'i literally, the students of Hawai'i. Do not use Hawai'i Club or Hawaiian Club. Use proper punctuation when possible. If the font you have chosen doesn’t offer the accent choices for Nā Haumāna, you should still include the okina in the word Hawai'i.

names former names should be listed between first and last name, in parenthesis, to identifying alumni who may have attended Pacific under a different name (e.g. Susan Jones attended Pacific and later became Susan Smith; she is listed as Susan (Jones) Smith). Hyphenate last names or omit parenthesis only when deferring to the person’s own preference or legal name (e.g. Jane Williams attended Pacific and later changed her name to Jane Williams-Brown; she is listed as Jane Williams-Brown. Jennifer Johnson attended Pacific and later changed her name to Jennifer Johnson Roberts; she is listed as Jennifer Johnson Roberts). Avoid using courtesy titles
Additionally, for graduates of Pacific University, include class year(s). Bachelor's degree, year only. Advanced education, degree and year (e.g. Susan (Jones) Smith '90, OD '93).

Natural Sciences shortened form of School of Natural Sciences, part of the College of Arts & Sciences

newspapers italicize the names of the News-Times and other news publications. If appropriate, such as in class notes, designate location within newspaper title (e.g. Canby (Ore.) Herald).

noon preferable to 12 p.m. See times of day.

numbers spell out numbers less than 10, except for age


Occupational Therapy shortened form of School of Occupational Therapy, OT informally. Part of the College of Health Professions (offered a master’s in occupational therapy (OT) through the class of 2014 and a doctor of occupational therapy (OTD) starting in 2012).

occupational therapy lowercase in reference to the discipline

Old College Hall Pacific’s first building, and the oldest educational building in the West, built in 1850

okina In the Hawaiian language, the okina; is a symbol that represents a glottal stop. Depending upon the font used, it is either straight quote — Hawai'i; or an apostrophe — Hawai‘i (resembling a number 6)

online lowercase, one word

Optometry shortened form of College of Optometry, only capitalized in reference to the school. Offers doctor of optometry, OD, degree. Also operates clinics and dispensaries: Pacific EyeClinic+EyeTrends in Forest Grove, Cornelius, Hillsboro, Beaverton, Portland.


PAC do not use. Antiquated abbreviation for Pacific Athletic Center. The building is now the Bill & Cathy Stoller Center, or Stoller Center on second reference.

Pacific the Pacific University magazine, formerly Pacific Today. Do not capitalize or italicize “magazine” in conjunction with Pacific.

Pacific Community Outreach Coalition PCOC internally

Pacific EarClinic the university audiology clinic, located at the Hillsboro Campus

Pacific EyeClinic the university optometry clinics located in Beaverton, Cornelius, Forest Grove, Hillsboro, Portland and at the Washington School for the Blind in Vancouver, Wash.

Pacific EyeTrends Pacific EyeClinic’s dispensary for glasses/frames, also referred to as EyeClinic+EyeTrends

The Pacific Index student newspaper, since 1893; the Index on second reference

Pacific Information Center PIC internally

Pacific Outdoor Pursuits (formerly Outback) outdoor recreation program

Pacific University Refer to Pacific University by its full name on first reference and periodically throughout your text. It is acceptable to shorten the name to “Pacific” or “the university” after the first reference, but only occasionally. Repeating “Pacific University” reinforces brand, identity and location for your audience. Do not use “PU” in any communications.

Performing Arts Series

periods use one space after a period at the end of a sentence. With the advent of the computer, type is designed to recognize when additional space is needed between sentences. Typewriters used monospacing.

Phi Lamda Omicron a sorority. Members are known as Philos

Philos members of the sorority Phi Lamda Omicron

Phonathon fundraiser featuring student callers

phone numbers use dashes rather than dots or parenthesis (e.g. 503-352-2211)

Pharmacy shortened form of School of Pharmacy. Part of the College of Health Professions. Offers a doctor of pharmacy (PharmD). Only capitalize in reference to the school.

pharmacy lowercase in reference to the discipline or facility

Physical Therapy shortened form of School of Physical Therapy & Athletic Training, PT informally. Part of the College of Health Professions. Offers a doctor of physical therapy (PT) and master's in athletic training (MSAT). Note capitalization only in reference to the school, not the discipline. Operates clinics in Hillsboro and Cornelius.

physical therapy lowercase in reference to the discipline

Physician Assistant Studies shortened form of School of Physician Assistant Studies, PA informally. Part of the College of Health Professions. Offers a master of science in physician assistant studies. Note capitalization only in reference to the school, not the discipline.

physician assistant not physician’s assistant

Pi Kappa Rho a fraternity established in 2004

PLUM Pacific’s Literature by Undergraduates Magazine

p.m. See also times of day

Portland Oregon’s largest city, located on the Willamette (Wil-AM-mit) River, 25 miles east of Forest Grove; home of optometry clinic, psychology clinic, MFA in writing office

President’s Office also Office of the President

Professional Psychology shortened form of School of Professional Psychology, SPP informally. Not shortened to Psychology (undergraduate major). Part of the College of Health Professions. Offers a master’s degree in applied psychological science, a doctor of psychology (PsyD) in clinical psychology and a doctor of philosophy (PhD) in clinical psychology. Note capitalization only in reference to the school, not the discipline. Operates clinics in Hillsboro and in Portland.

professor capitalize if used as a title immediately before a person’s name. Do not abbreviate.

psychology lowercase in reference to the discipline or the undergraduate minor

PU do not use. See Pacific University.

PUNetID. One word, five capitals.

publications see composition titles

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