Consistent typography creates a visual tie to our brand. Pacific University uses a family of fonts for print and web publications for a seamless visual identity which takes into account a range of communication needs.

Depending on your platform and project, a variety of options may be available. If the fonts are not standard on your computer and you wish to incorporate more fonts into your communications, inquire in Marketing & Communications for information to consider purchasing or downloading licensed.

Business Correspondence

Garamond or Adobe Garamond is a serif font that is an excellent choice for long blocks of text and more formal correspondence, such as when sending out letters on university letterhead.

Print Materials

Frutiger and Verdana are sans serif fonts that come in various of weights. Frutiger and Garamond are both appropriate choices for print materials and work together well.


Verdana is the best choice and is what is used for most templates. Garamond is also incorporated in a few of the templates as well. If your computer has Frutiger or Adobe Garamond, those are also good choices if you're printing your materials. Avoid using Frutiger and Adobe Garamond if you are sharing your documents with others.


Verdana is the primary typeface on the Pacific University website.


Verdana is the recommended font for email.

Marketing Materials

In addition to standard fonts, Marketing & Communications uses Roboto Slab (a modified form of Zine Slab), Daisy Lau (ornate script) and GabrielGlimpse (casual handwriting) for an integrated marketing strategy. If you have an interest in using these fonts, please contact Marketing & Communications.

Lead On Campaign Fonts

Garamond is the primary choice for the majority of campaign materials. It works well for more formal occasions and for university correspondence.

Verdana is the secondary font and may be used in combination with Garamond for visual interest (limited headlines) or for materials that are less formal (charts and graphs). 

Daisy Lau is used by Marketing & Communications for the signature materials and more formal occasions. Never used in all caps. please contact Marketing & Communications if you have an interest in using this font in your materials.