About the Logo

The Pacific University signature consists of the “Boxer head” image and the logotype “Pacific University Oregon.” The logo is protected by trademark and permission is required its use.

This logo has visually represented Pacific University since it was designed in 2008, and in 2014, our alumni, students and friends voted it Portland’s Best Sports Logo.

The single most recognizable symbol of Pacific University, we depend on our logo to represent our university and our identity in the marketplace. The logo appears on all development, promotional, marketing, recruitment and outreach materials, including print, apparel and online communications.

The integrity of its use is critical in maintaining our brand recognition and identity.

Logo Guidelines

The logo cannot be redrawn, re-proportioned or modified in any manner. Please do not separate or reposition the Boxer head from the logo text outside of very limited circumstances. The logo and any visual element of the brand should not be animated in any way.

Logo Size and Clear Space

Size minimums are noted to ensure that the Pacific University logo is legible and prominent in various media. The full width of the logo, from the left edge of the U to the right tip of the Boxer tongue, should not be smaller than .75 inches.

The logo also needs sufficient clear space so that its impact is not compromised. A minimum distance, the height of the letter "P" (see image), is to be maintained.

An exception exists if you are placing the logo on a promotional item smaller than .75 inches, such as a pen or lapel pin. Contact Marketing & Communications if project-specific guidance is needed.

Minimum size diagram for the Pacific University logo.

Special Considerations | Size Constraints

There are times when the Pacific University logo will not fit within a project layout. In such cases, a horizontal or vertical version of the logo may be used. Contact Marketing & Communications for assistance when in question.

Logo Configurations

The logo is available in several color combinations. Do not re-color the photos, place it in a box, flip or distort the logo in any way.

The white/reverse logo is intended for use on colored backgrounds or on patterned fabrics, such as aloha gear.Examples of colored university logos

There may also be instances when the logo may need to be used on a photograph. The color or black version of the logo may be used on light photographs, the white/reverse version on dark photographs. Be sure the logo is placed in an area of the photo that provides sufficient contrast.

The logo is available in various file types for different uses. PNG files are bitmap files with transparent backgrounds — for colored backgrounds and for digital displays. Use the provided size or smaller; do not increase the size as it will pixelate when enlarged. EPS files are vector files that can be reduced or enlarged without compromising integrity. Use for collateral and product vendors.

BlackEPS — PNG
WhiteEPS — PNG
Small VersionPNG