Alternate Logos, Wordmarks & Graphics

Wordmarks & Graphics

To promote and increase Pacific’s name recognition, the university does not permit custom logos for clubs, organizations, offices, departments, centers, programs, etc. Using the same logos on all of our promotions fosters the identity of Pacific University.

When an area needs something more specific, a “tier logo,” which is the university logo along with the name of that unit beneath it, can be created.

If you have additional artwork or an illustration to include, if the tier logo does not prominently identify your club, organization, center or program, using Roboto Slab or another brand font may be used as a wordmark. Please Contact Marketing & Communications if you have questions or would like a tier logo.

Tier Logos

Tier logos combine the name of a college, school, department, center, institute or program with the university logo. They provide brand consistency and are intended for use when the name of the college or department can not be used in a more prominent fashion. For instance on gear or products such as a "pocket logo" of a jacket, keychain or mug.

Custom tier logos must be requested from Marketing & Communications and should not be created individually.

All other logo guidelines apply when using tier logos.

Boxer Head

The Boxer head is most often used with the logotype. You should only use the Boxer head by itself when the full logo is visible elsewhere on the material or product. For example, on a t-shirt when the logo is also on the sleeve; on the gym floor of the Stoller Center; or on team jerseys or football helmets where there are other visible uses of the logo on the game-day program, scoreboard, banners, etc. Approval from Marketing & Communications is required.

Block P

The block “P” is for athletics and licensed product use. The “P” can be used on its own or along with the university logo. If the “P” is used with the university logo, they should be in separate areas, such as reverse sides of printed materials or on the sleeve or back of a T-shirt.

University Seal

The seal is the traditional legal signature or imprimatur for the university, representing official sanctioning by the institution. The use of the seal is reserved for the President’s Office and for formal academic and university business, such as authenticating diplomas, transcripts and other official documents. Use of the seal is limited and is not used as a substitute for the university logo.