Campaign Logos

Refer to the following guidelines for proper use of the campaign logo and artwork.

The Pacific University Boxer logo is to accompany the campaign logo on your correspondence, presentations and campaign collateral. Exceptions — Contact Marketing & Communications for exceptions.

Campaign LEAD ON Logo

Lead On Campaign logo in 2-color versionLead On Campaign Logo in blackLead On campaign logo in whiteLead On Campaign logo in goldexample of the half circle Lead On Campaign logo

The Lead On logo is displayed in various versions and colors for different uses. PNG files are bitmap files with transparent backgrounds — for colored backgrounds and for digital displays. Use the provided size or smaller; do not enlarge as it will pixelate when enlarged. EPS files are vector files that can be reduced or enlarged without compromising integrity.

  • 2-color — Black & Boxer Red | png | eps
  • Black | png | eps
  • White | png | eps
  • Boxer Gold (used only with permission)
  • Half logo in black | png | eps

Full circle two-tone Lead On campaign logohalf circle version of the Lead On campaign

The full circle Campaign logo is used most often. When the top half of the Lead On logo is used, the university Boxer logo or “Pacific University” must be prominent elsewhere in your collateral. For example: Imprinted onto the front of business cards or used on a presentation.

Contact Marketing & Communications if project-specific guidance is needed.

Light grey image of the campaign tree

Campaign Tree

The campaign tree is most often used as a tint screen and layered in the background to provide visual interest and connection to the campaign look & feel. If interested in using the tree in your next project, contact Marketing & Communications for details.

Logo Size

The minimum size of the Lead On campaign logo is 1 inch wide and the minimum size of the Pacific University logo is 3/4 inch wide. Size minimums are noted to ensure that the logos are legible and prominent for various media.

The campaign logo has a minimum size of width = 1 inchThe Pacific University logo has a minimum width of 3/4 inch.

Note: If the item you are putting the logo onto is smaller than minimum size — such as on a pen — it is acceptable to reduce the size and clear space. Contact Marketing & Communications if project-specific guidance is needed.

Clear Space

The Pacific University and Lead On logos require sufficient space to provide integrity and visual impact. Items such as text, images or graphic elements should be kept away from the logo by a minimum distance — the height of the “L”  in Lead On.

illustration of the clear space requirements detailed in paragraph