Secondary Graphic Elements

Spirit Lines

Spirit lines are a graphic identity symbol derived from elements of the Boxer logo. This symbol is best suited for subtle background textures on large fields of color or on photographs. No more than 10 percent opacity is recommended. The spirit lines are intended to enhance your materials. These are not used as a replacement for the logo.

Contact Marketing & Communications to request the Spirit lines and guidance in using them.


Boxer is the Pacific University mascot. Print and web materials that use Boxer artwork are generally of a casual nature and communicate school spirit. Boxer can be altered with the addition of gear, such as a birthday hat or robot helmet and shield. Contact Marketing & Communications for permission, review and approval of alterations.

Bold Boxer

In addition to the more traditional Boxer illustration that replicates the original Boxer statue, Bold Boxer is another illustration offering a contemporary rendition to the graphics selections.

Bold Boxer


Branded icons are available to promote social media channels for the university’s accounts or accounts held by individual units within the university.

Social media requires dedicated time and resources. Learn more about setting up and managing social media accounts for business use.

Information Graphics

Infographics are visual representations of data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly. Use sparingly to accompany a narrative that provides more detail. Infographics should be consistent with university messaging, as well as font and color use.

Single Data Callout | A singular piece of information such as a percentage, ranking or other value deemed suitable for highlighting amidst additional information or related content.

Data Sets | Clustered information bound by a common theme or subject. Each is given incremental visual treatment/weight proportional to the actual data value of the information required. It is essential that your graphics are drawn accurately so as not to skew the data visually.