Trademarks & Use

Products and materials created on the behalf of Pacific University and using its name and trademarks should enhance and elevate the image of the university and augment the institutional brand identity.

The name, marks and image of Pacific University cannot be used to imply or suggest endorsement of any product or service not provided by the university, nor advocate for a political party or candidate.

The Pacific logo and brand also cannot be used in association with weapons or derogatory messages.

Official Use

Pacific University’s logo, seal and other marks are registered and protected by law. Colleges, schools, departments, offices, centers and other units of the university do not need approval to use the logo and other marks (except the seal) for official campus use, such as promotional brochures or flyers. University personnel may use the Pacific University name and trademarks according to established visual and legal guidelines for the purposes of recruitment, development or general promotion of the institution.

Internal Use

However, these units and recognized student groups should obtain prior approval to use the university’s name, logo or other symbols for other commercial or non-commercial use, such as promotional products. The university requires all groups, departments, individuals and companies to obtain approval from Marketing & Communications before producing any products that use the university’s registered and common law trade names, trademarks and service marks, regardless of use or method of distribution.

External Use

Individuals and organizations outside the university who wish to use any of the official marks must first obtain written permission by contacting Marketing & Communications.

Commercial Use

In accordance with university policy, commercial use of Pacific’s registered trademarks requires approval in advance and may involve the payment of royalties to the university. Unauthorized use for commercial purposes, public or private, is prohibited. All products bearing names or symbols protected by the university are subject to review and approval by the institution and always include the R with the logo.

The Pacific University logo is a registered mark and all retail vendors who sell Pacific University branded items are required to use the R symbol and to get permission from Marketing & Communications.

A list of licensed vendors is available, and product with Pacific University marks also is available at the Boxer Nation Store.