International and Diverse Perspectives

As our world becomes increasingly ecologically, socially, politically, and economically interdependent, it is critical that graduates understand multicultural, diverse, and global perspectives. The complexity of the modern world demands that students attain a heightened awareness both of the interdependence of the cultures of the world and of the diversity of voices that contribute to life in the United States.

Complete one course designated as either IDP, IP, or DP (2 or more credits) or study abroad for one semester (including during the summer at an approved study abroad program) earning at least a C- in 10 or more credits.

Students may choose to propose a project that spans two terms when appropriate to the project goals. See the form for more information about this option.

Upon completion of this requirement students will be able to:

  • demonstrate an interdisciplinary or disciplinary understanding of cultural diversity through the examination of various languages, values, and practices from around the world.
  • demonstrate an understanding of how social categories (for example, race, ethnicity, gender, class, sexual orientation, language, religion or belief, or other forms of social differentiation) and social and cultural context influence one’s understanding of the world or point of view.
  • explain how cultural self-awareness promotes effective cross-cultural interaction.