COVID-19 Questions | Advising Center

How will online advising and registration happen?

An advisor is prepared to talk with you via Zoom, phone, or via email to help you prepare for registration and ensure you are on track. Learn more about online & distance advising.

I am thinking of dropping or withdrawing from a class. Who can I discuss this with?

Please pay attention to add/drop deadlines and withdraw deadlines on the Academic Calendar. Students must be enrolled in and pass at least 12 credits to remain in good standing. Withdrawing from a class which results in you going below 12 credits can impact your academic status, financial aid status, VA benefits, athletic eligibility, or student visa status. Please consult with Academic & Career Advising before deciding to withdraw.

I need to submit a form. How can I do that from home?

Offices on campus are prepared to accept forms electronically and use email approval in lieu of physical signatures. For example, Academic & Career Advising will accept advising forms via email to Please reach out directly to the office where you would submit the form if you have questions.

What resources will help me with a transition to online coursework?

Academic & Career Advising has tips for taking online classes. Understanding your instructor’s expectations, getting organized, and managing your time wisely are going to be important for your success.

Who can I contact for additional support around class planning, declaring a major, or career exploration?

Alongside your own academic advisor, Academic & Career Advising is here to help you with academic advising and career services. Please reach out to us via and schedule an appointment if you need additional support.

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