Online and Distance Advising

To continue providing equitable services to all students, Academic & Career Advising Staff are online and available for virtual office hours including expanded times into the evening. We are available via text, email, or drop-ins on Zoom. 

Faculty and advising staff are equipped to advise you in preparation for online registration. Online advising is a way for you to meet with your advisor when you cannot be face-to-face (e.g. studying abroad, inclement weather, or a pandemic). Appointment options could include phone calls, video chat, email, or a combination of those. Plan to meet with your advisor during your assigned advising week and make sure you know your registration day. Communicate with your advisor ahead of time and give yourself enough time to prepare well ahead of your appointment. 

How to Prepare for your Appointment

In the 30 minutes before your appointment, start jotting down some questions to ask your advisor about topics such as fulfilling major requirements, prerequisites, class times, or questions about what you might do in a certain class next semester. Remember that you can register for both Summer and Fall at the same time.

  • Start by gathering your educational plan and reviewing requirements in the catalog corresponding to your catalog year.
  • Log on to Boxer Online and review your program evaluation.
  • Take a look at the class schedule.
  • Think about where you are at with progress to graduation and what classes you will need next semester.

Be ready for your appointment at least 10 minutes before you are scheduled to begin.  

Appointment Options

Many advisors schedule phone appointments with students throughout the year, and for a variety of reasons. Phone appointments may be the easiest way to connect with your advisor. 

Phone Appointment

  • Share your phone number with your advisor ahead of time, and confirm your number with them.
  • Make sure you know who will make the call and who will wait for the other person to call them. It is best to confirm this in advance as well.
  • Be aware of the time (and timezone differences) that the appointment will be held. 
  • Try to have access to a computer in a quiet space during the appointment.
  • Wear headphones! This will reduce noise and free up your hands to take notes. 
  • Have something to take down notes and questions during the appointment. 
  • Consider asking for a follow-up email so that you and your advisor can be on the same page about a topic, especially if it is a specific detail. 
  • Double check that your advisor has cleared you for registration.

Video Chat Appointment

Consider your environment if you plan to do a video chat with your advisor. If you do not feel comfortable, do not do it. Keep your camera on if that works for both of you, or just switch to audio only using the platform.

  • Decide if this appointment type is right for you and your advisor. Some options could include Zoom or Google Hangouts.
  • One benefit of a video chat could be screen sharing on Zoom. 
  • You can ask your advisor to share their screen share so that both you are viewing the same thing at the same time. 
  • Make sure you take notes. 
  • Wear earbuds! This will reduce noise and free up your hands to take notes. 
  • If your Internet connection is slow or lagging, consider another option.

Email Appointment

You might consider doing an email appointment for a back and forth conversation in writing with your advisor. This would be a good option if you are concerned about access to phone or WiFi for a 30-minute appointment. You will need to be detail-oriented if you choose this method. In your email, you should include a proposed class schedule, a list of at least 2-3 questions, and when you plan to graduate. The more specific the question, the better! Make sure to ask your advisor if they have cleared you for registration. 

Online Advising Resources

  • Catalog | Look up degree requirements and courses. This is a helpful place to view prerequisites at a glance. 
  • Advising Handbook | A resource hub of tips and tricks for advising in your major. 
  • Boxer Online, which includes:
    • Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 schedule
    • Your Registration Date and Time (7:00 a.m. on your assigned day)
    • Any holds you might have. Please check and resolve these to avoid late registration.

If you would like additional support or have questions about online advising, please contact Academic & Career Advising at

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