Career Success Stories

Career success stories are why we’re in this business. They inspire us and validate our mission and sense of purpose, filling us up inside. They’re also full of useful lessons for other students and alumni in the midst of their own career journeys.

The stories profiled here reveal myriad career successes—major milestones as well as small steps toward big goals. Readers will note that great career journeys involve lots of little steps, and that these little steps are often very easy—and especially so with help from our career advisors. Sometimes the success is an important decision made or obtainment of a promising summer job or internship. Or a key career insight gleaned from a backpacking trip. Or a new level of confidence around networking or interviewing. Or an exciting full-time job after graduation or graduate school acceptance.

So while every liberal arts college website can easily showcase a few career luminaries and imply that anything’s possible, we wish to reveal in these profiles the details of the journeys of these students and alumni, that is, how they obtained success and which resources were particularly instrumental, so that others might make use of these stories in authoring their own.



The Academic and Career Advising Center will be hosting a series of virtual career events in Spring 2021. 

Chapman Hall

The Admissions department and Career Development Center are hosting a series of events for current students to help them with job searching, resume building, and much more. 

Kasey Werner, Class of 2016, works as an on-call Occupational Therapist after going through an intense seven years of academic work for her master’s degree in Exercise Science. Although she describes the education as stressful and exhausting at points, she enjoys the career it got her so much she can hardly narrow down what she likes about it most.