First Avenue Career & Grad School EXPO

"Having participated in the Expo made me feel comfortable and confident talking with employers and recruiters."
—Student Attendee

About the EXPO

Friday, March 15, 2019 | 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. | University of Portland, Chiles Center

*This is a university sanctioned event and students may be excused from class. Please make arrangements directly with instructor.

The First Avenue Career Expo brings students, alumni, and recruiters together to discuss employment and graduate school opportunities. Students obtain information and advice needed to ground an effective career plan. Concrete opportunities abound with recruiters promoting internships, summer jobs, and full-time employment. Many of these opportunities are posted on the website for students to review before attending.

There are 25+ alumni from the seven host colleges and universities (including Pacific) participating in the Career Expo: Alumni Insight Networking event. In this portion of the Expo, students will be able to meet directly with alumni involved in a number of employment settings and careers, well-equipped to share insights about their employers, jobs, and industries. Brief bios of these alumni will be on the site before the event, enabling students to check them out in advance (including on LinkedIn), so that they can formulate a game plan around which alumni they'd like to chat with and what sorts of questions they'd like to pose to them.

The CDC is underwriting student registration fees so there is no cost to students. However, students must first pre-register on the First Avenue website. Over 150 recruiters are expected to attend the Expo, so review the list of organizations registered. All of this is easy to take for granted now, but will be much less accessible and affordable after graduation when the resources are not so close at hand. It's a stellar opportunity for students to practice talking with people about who they are and what they are seeking with respect to careers, and regardless of how solid or tentative these ideas are, speaking them aloud with others will be helpful. Events like this allow people to get out of their own heads and the resulting reality shock can trigger insights and action. Kind of like the difference between dreaming of being more fit and actually going to the gym.

An event like this can be a catalyst for shaping and pursuing next steps after graduation. Whether the event sharpens your focus or exposes the need for one, the Expo will move the process along. Experience confirms that students who prepare for the Expo and keep an open mind when meeting professionals, will come away better equipped to formulate next steps in a career plan.