First Avenue Career & Grad School

Stay Tuned for Information on Upcoming Fairs in 2021

The First Avenue Career Expo brings students, alumni, and recruiters together to discuss career paths and opportunities. Over 150 recruiters from hiring employers and graduate programs come to meet our students.  Many of these opportunities are posted on the website for students to review before attending.

Advice from a former Pacific Senior, and Student-Worker —

"All of this is easy to take for granted now, but will be much less accessible and affordable after graduation when the resources are not so close at hand. It's a stellar opportunity for students to practice talking with people about who they are and what they are seeking with respect to careers, and regardless of how solid or tentative these ideas are, speaking them aloud with others will be helpful. Events like this allow people to get out of their own heads and the resulting reality shock can trigger insights and action. Kind of like the difference between dreaming of being more fit and actually going to the gym."

Note for recruiters:  Registration is open to meet 300-500 talented students representing over 80 degree paths from 4 premier institutions including Pacific University all in one place.