Career Development Center Faculty & Staff

The Career Development Center is within Academic & Career Advising, which is part of the College of Arts and Sciences. We integrate career and academic advising effectively, and emphasize connections between academic majors and careers in order to respond to the particular needs of liberal arts students. We partner with the faculty of the professional schools and colleges, as well as with Alumni Relations, in order to meet the career needs of professional students and alumni as well. Regarding any of the matters below, please feel free to contact us individually, or collectively at

Department Listing

Please visit the Schedule an Appointment page for the department's employees and contact information. 

Career Advising for Students and Alumni

We provide a full range of career development resources, opportunities, and support for students and alumni. We are delighted to collaborate with faculty and staff to deliver the very best career advising possible. Please contact us if you know about a student or graduate we should follow up with for career advising, or if you have an idea for a career program.

Alumni Updates

Faculty and staff are often the first to hear back from alumni who have just landed that great new job or graduate school acceptance. Please share the news with us when you can so we can update our records and add the story to our newsletter.


The Internship Coordinator is available to assist students in all phases of the internship process, from needs-assessment and search to applications and harvest, and articulation of the benefits of internship experiences. Aspiring interns frequently have strong career-related motivations for interning, and so even if faculty or the students themselves have arranged an internship, students stand to benefit a great deal from input and assistance from a career development perspective.

Employer Referrals

If your work has brought you into contact with an employer for us to follow up with regarding opportunities for students and alumni, please drop us a note (