COVID-19 Information

For the fall 2020 term, all appointments will be held online. If you have questions or are unable to access appointments online please contact us for assistance. 

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring at Pacific is available through GoBoard and Zoom which allows students to meet with our CLASS tutors online in real-time using videoconferencing. GoBoard offers the addition of a shared interactive canvas.

Online tutoring follows the same guidelines as in-person tutoring but takes place in a virtual environment. 

Tutors with online availability are indicated on the schedule with “online” next to their name. Once you have scheduled your online tutoring appointment, you will receive two emails:

  • The first will be the standard appointment confirmation with the day, time, and tutor for your appointment. This email also includes information about using GoBoard, our online tutoring platform.
  • The second will include a unique link to your online tutoring session. Be sure to save this email and link so you can enter your GoBoard or Zoom room.

Preparing for an online tutoring session

  1. Set up your technology
    • Make sure you are using the latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. GoBoard does not work in Internet Explorer. If you need a computer, the 24-hour study area in the Tran Library has both Macs and PCs.
    • We highly recommend that you utilize earbuds with a microphone and/or a webcam that will allow you to talk back and forth with the tutor. If you don’t have earbuds and need them, the Libraries will buy them and send them to you upon request – just email Josie Ragolia at
  2. Complete the Online Tutoring Learning Agreement - you only need to complete this once, prior to your first online session 
  3. Review the instructions on how to use GoBoard
  4. Test GoBoard - as soon as you receive the link to your session, you are welcome to join the room and familiarize yourself with the GoBoard features. You will always be able to return to the room using the same link.
    To enter your GoBoard tutoring room:
    • Follow the link provided by your tutor and enter your name and Pacific email address when prompted
    • Allow GoBoard to access your webcam and microphone and enter the room


Note: Your online tutoring session is saved as a PDF document and is emailed to you after your session. In addition to the PDF, an audio/video recording is archived and is only accessible to the tutoring program coordinator (Josie Ragolia) and administrators at Tutor Matching Services. The tutoring program coordinator will occasionally monitor usage for quality control purposes, similar to observing face-to-face tutoring sessions. Saved session recordings will be deleted after one month.


If you need help with GoBoard, you can call 503-352-1404 during normal business hours. You can also contact GoBoard tech support at or call 877-919-8886.