Berglund Projects

The Berglund Center has helped students develop products and services in a large number of areas and disciplines, ranging from medical and wellness products, apps, video games, consumer products, biometric devices, renewable energy and mobility products among others. We strive to support every student led project and create a team around them that helps them make their ideas a reality.

2018-2019 Academic Year


Hearing Screening for School Children App

Berglund Fellows: Danielle Jenkins, Nicole Burgis, Alison Kentris and Ariel Garraway

Development of an app for record keeping for school hearing screening programs, particularly geared towards underdeveloped regions and broad school adoption.

G.O.A.T Bottle(s)

Berglund Fellows: Matthew Jensen and Eli Wisdom

Development of a novel supplementation delivery system for athletes and fitness enthusiasts to simplify and streamline the process of hydrating and ingesting supplements.

Veterans PTSD and addictive behavior intervention app

Berglund Fellows: Kristoffer Rehder

Development of a web based app for veterans who are at a high risk of suicide, substance use relapse or other mental health crises to help manage triggering events.


Berglund Fellows: Andrew Caranto

Development of a specialized capsule filling machine designed to help people save time, money and reduce dosing errors.


Berglund Fellows: Mark Fischer and Griffin Christenson

Development of an online platform service for vision therapy tele-medicine activities.



2017-2018 Academic Year


Hoarding Disorder Treatment App

Berglund Fellows: Peter Hildebrand and Evan Egener

Development of a cognitive behavioral therapy smartphone for the treatment of hoarding disorders.

Serve Us

Berglund Fellows: Jacob Richards, Jon Foster, Brynn Chivers, and Benjamin Kugler

Development of an app whose main focus is to better the community through integration of volunteering, donations, and social networking into a single portal.

Hearing Habits

Berglund Fellows: Bryan Greenway and Michelle Wang

Development of a smartphone-based hearing aid diary that allows users to report their listening experiences in a concise and clinically useful manner.



Berglund Fellows: Maya Okamura

Development of a specialized water gel bottle attachment for athletes and people with diabetes.


Berglund Fellows: Aaron Bergman, Eli Dapolonia, and Josh Kaplan

Development of a wearable device for cardiovascular health monitoring during high stress situations (Firefighters and First Responders).

2016-2017 Academic Year

This area is under construction. Please check back soon for updates.


Team Pharma-Campion

Berglund Fellows: David Hege, Pharmacy

A smart home medication management device.


Team Odd Thoughts

Berglund Fellows: Tim Patching, Occupational Therapy

Full walker and hemi-walker hybrid device


Team Green

Berglund Fellows: Larissa Katrina, Audiology and Maura Daniels, Audiology

An app that aids users in protecting and preserving their hearing



Berglund Fellows: Aaron Bergman, Psychology; Josh Kaplan, Psychology; and Vanessa Somohano, Psychology

Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention App


Team Gutter Mills

Berglund Fellows: Sean Visperas, Physics; Michael Mackesy II, Business; Kevin McGee, Physics/Math; and Eric LeVally, Physics

Renewable energy system based on underused, but readily available water resources


2015-2016 Academic Year

Business Development Team: Steven Armes, Marc Bellantoni, Xuan Dang, Andie Harrison and Wyatt Swayngim


Running Rickshaw

Berglund Fellow: Tim Patchings

Development of a Rickshaw with a belt harness to run hands free while exercising.

Faculty Fellow: Sarah Faidel, OT


Berglund Fellows: Jacob Palumbo and Michael Ashley

Development of a 3D printable, naturally occurring based composite material derived from insect proteins called Sclerotite.

Faculty Fellow: Kevin Johnson, Chemistry

Truth or Dig

Berglund Fellows:  Halley Farwood and Josh Kaplan

A collaborative video game that deepens our interaction with others and helps develop intimacy in friendship through collaborative puzzle solving.

Faculty Fellow: Michael Christopher, SPP

Meet the Need

Berglund Fellows: Erica Ironside and Danielle DeBoer

An app that provides comprehensive list of services for low socioeconomic families.

Faculty Fellow: Theresa Lafavor, SPP


Berglund Fellow: Adel Ebraheem, M.D.

Development of a cornea-tear film surface tension modification device for treatment of dry eye.

Faculty Fellow: Dr. Citek, Optometry

2014-2015 Academic Year

Berglund Fellows: Steven Armes, Marc Bellantoni



Happy Mart

Berglund Fellow: Halley F

Happy Mart is a video game about living with clinical depression. Its primary intended audiences are people struggling with depression and their friends and family members. It is being created as part of a research project examining the efficacy of a video game as a tool to increase understanding and empathy towards people with depression.


TearMetrics | Biosensing tears

Berglund Fellows: Craig Jordan & Alex Caroline

TearMetrics is a biosensing device that diagnoses/monitors systemic and ocular health conditions directly from the tear film, sending data in real-time to a tablet or smartphone. The aim of the project is to evaluate the feasibility of integrating tear monitoring into systemic and ocular healthcare, opening new frontiers to the eye care field.

  • Prototype built and evaluated, March 2015
  • Mock tear fluids created and evaluated, March-April 2015  
  • Mobile software to be completed and tested,  April-May 2015
  • LLC formation and website launch, May 2015
Consulting faculty: 

Doug Ryan, Professor Computer Science. Prof. Ryan studies and develops software for Android devices including smartphones, tablets, and wear. In the Spring of 2010, he taught one of the first smartphone development courses in higher education. Projects produced in the class included: 3D Lights out game using OpenGL ES, multiplayer Battleship game using Bluetooth, Music Player, Galactic Conquest game with AI and Snake. 
Jeannine Chan, Professor of Chemistry. Prof. Chan studies bacterial protein and enzymatic structures affecting the global nitrogen cycle. She is providing her experience as a biochemist to the project by helping create synthetic tears in the laboratory.
Andrew Dawes, Professor of Physics. Prof. Dawes studies optics and is also an avid robotics and arduino enthusiast. He is providing valuable help in setting up and testing the tear sensing device and having it communicate with the android based tablet.


Somo-Zafu | Portable Yoga/Meditation Studio

Berglund Fellow: Vanessa Somohano

The Somo-Zafu portable yoga/meditation studio is a complete set of tools (mat, blocks, bench, pads) that folds up into a self contained, stackable and extremely small footprint box that is ideally suited for small spaces. This is being created as part of a research project examining the use of meditation and yoga in measuring the recurrence and outcomes of patients dealing with addiction and relapse, and has potential for being used outside of clinical settings as a portable device for physical activity anywhere.

  • Completed engineering drawings, December 2014
  • Build & evaluate prototype, February 2015
  • Market research and evaluation, March 2015  
Consulting faculty: 

Dr. Michael Bridges, PT, DPT. Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy. Dr. Bridges works in orthopedics, biomechanics and sports pathologies. He brings his background as an engineer to assist with the design of the prototype.

Google Glass Fitness

Berglund Fellows: Chris Granat, Victor Reilly and Joshua Haymond

The Google glass team is developing a basic platform for a fitness app, starting with walking/jogging activities that can be used to build other games/actions in the future relative to body position as a means of creating a virtual exercise drill.

  • Evaluate Google glass sensing and camera capabilities, October 2014
  • Develop the software to download, process and execute commands based on the sensor data, February 2015
  • Develop the software for user interface,  April 2015
Consulting faculty: 

Doug Ryan, Professor Computer Science . Prof. Ryan studies and develops software for Android devices including smartphones, tablets, and wear. In the Spring of 2010, he taught one of the first smartphone development courses in higher education. Projects produced in the class included: 3D Lights out game using OpenGL ES, multiplayer Battleship game using Bluetooth, Music Player, Galactic Conquest game with AI and Snake.