Criteria | Berglund Center

Individuals or Teams entering in the Inspired Ideas Competition (IIC) must comply with the following criteria to be eligible for the competition.

  1. You must be a Pacific University degree seeking student from any major and rank, including graduate students.
  2. The team (or individual) must submit an original idea that offers a solution to a known or emerging problem, and that is developed during the student's tenure at the university.
  3. All submissions to the IIC must be appropriate for a Pacific University-sponsored event (The Berglund Center Director reserves the right to disqualify any entry that in its judgment violates the letter or the spirit of the competition or that violates university and board of trustees policy)
  4. Eligible students can form a team with non-student community members or alumni, but there are restrictions to the award (see criterion number 7).
  5. Participants must be present during judging in order to be eligible for the award (It is not required for all team members to participate in the presentation).
  6. Students who win the competition will become Berglund fellows for the following academic year.
  7. Only Pacific University students are eligible to earn prize money. No payments can be made to non-student members.

Note: The Director of the Berglund Center reserves the right to make the final determination of the eligibility of submitted ideas.


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