Berglund Fellows

The Berglund Fellows are students that won the Inspired Ideas Competition, and/or are receiving financial support towards the goal of creating a new product/service or venture.

Jake Palumbo

Jake is a senior at Pacific University, majoring in Bioinformatics. His primary interests include using bioengineering to redesign society, improving computer models of the real world, and accelerating the pipeline from computer-aided design of biological systems to real product. His work at the Berglund Center has been focused on designing and developing a biological replacement for concrete. Once released, this replacement will enable 3D printing of multi-story buildings without any of the negative ecological ramifications of traditional construction.

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Michael Ashley

Michael Ashley is a very ambitious and passionate person towards his work and life in general. He is constantly trying to network, build as many relationships as he can, and stay as busy as he can. Michael is involved in a numerous amount of different activities on campus and is very motivated to reach success in his career field after graduation. He enjoys doing technical work, such as math, finance, analyzing, etc. but is also a very outgoing person and loves dealing with people face to face and communicating; which is why he decided on majoring in finance and marketing. Michael and his, partner Jacob Palumbo, have an amazing idea for a business and have high confidence that it will work with the combination of their business and science skills, and the help of the Berglund Fellowship. In addition, both Michael and Jake have a huge passion for helping people, which is what their business, overall, is formed around.

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Danielle De Boer

Danielle De Boer is student of Pacific's School of Professional Psychology in the PhD of Clinical Psychology Program. Her interests include working with children and families, and studying the intergenerational effects of adverse events within these systems. Currently she is working on developing a phone application with Erica Ironside that will work to connect families in need with detailed information of the low and no cost services available to them, in both English and Spanish.

Erica Ironside

Erica is a graduate student at Pacific University working towards a PhD in Clinical Psychology.  Erica is an Oregon native that absolutely loves all the NW has to offer from the oceans to the mountains - including the outdoors, the food, the beauty, and the people.  Her interests have always involved working with those in need, hence a large interest in social justice.  Meet the Need project has definitely been a pursuit of passion in finding a way to help individuals in need gain knowledge and access to resources in the area.

Victor Rielly

Victor is a mathematics and physics double major with a computer science minor at Pacific University. He will start a PhD program in mathematics next year at Portland State University. He has ample programming experience including writing some test software for flight simulation software, writing some processing and data analysis scripts for a mental state monitoring system. He has also written some android applications including an application for google glasses. Lately, he has been exploring freelance programming jobs at, and had the good fortune to work on a mathematics project for a bioscience graduate student in California. His hope is to get a doctorate in mathematics and become a mathematics professor.

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Tim Patchings

Tim is an occupational therapy doctoral student at Pacific University and will be graduating in the summer of 2017. He has been involved in many different occupations and brings a varied background of teaching health, German, and special education, training in sports medicine, studies in linguistics, work as a computer aided draftsman, and work as a commercial truck driver and crane operator to list some of his past work experience. He has a love for the outdoors and enjoys the occasional triathlon when time for training allows it. He also enjoys thinking of new ways to do things which is part of what brought him around to pursuing the degree in occupational therapy.

Adel Ebraheem

Adel Ebraheem MD comprehensive ophthalmology specialist; accomplished professional with 10 years of comprehensive experience in ophthalmology.  He graduated from School of Medicine from Tripoli University in 2005. He did graduate studies in ophthalmology in European School for advanced studies in ophthalmology in Switzerland and recently he earned his master’s degree in Vision Science with honor from College of Optometry Pacific University. He also has publications and clinical research experience and has been certified by multiple boards. He demonstrated expertise, in medical/surgical interventions including cataract and refractive surgery. He demonstrated expertise in dry eye pathophysiology as well and currently he is working in developing novel methods for diagnosing and treating dry eye disease.

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Josh Kaplan

Josh was born and raised in a small town in northwest Montana.  He attended Lewis & Clark College in Portland for his undergrad education (earning a Bachelor's degree in Psychology) before returning to Montana to work in community mental health. There Josh provided case work and therapeutic services for families in my hometown. It was during this period that he became interested in pursuing higher education in psychology, which has landed him happily back in Portland, where he is a second-year student in Pacific University's PhD program. His research interests include physiological signs of stress, such as salivary cortisol. In order to complete his Master's thesis, Josh is currently investigating whether mindfulness might change the way police officers perceive the stress of their jobs.


Halley Farwood

Halley is a grad student pursuing a doctorate in clinical psychology. She designs video games based on psychology research. She hopes to make games that help players nurture their mental health and live happier, healthier lives. Her most recent project is Happymart (Winner of the Berglund Center Fellowship 2014-2015), an online educational game about depression in families. You can play this game for free and participate in her research at Her current project, Truth or Dig, also a winner of the Inspired Ideas Competition in 2015-2016, is a video game designed to increase intimacy.

Jessie Hoang

Jessie Hoang is an undergraduate student enrolled at Pacific University in 2014. She majors in Business Administration with focus on Marketing and International Business. She is originally from Hanoi, Vietnam and has been studying in the United States since 2011. She received the International Baccalaureate Diploma in 2014.

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Tim Burris

Tim Burris is a first year student at Pacific University attempting to double major in International Business and Japanese. His duties in the Berglund center include assissting Dr. Andy Soria with multiple tasks to help the Berglund center and it’s events run smoothly. His hobbies include studying the japanese language and caring for his pet snakes.


Jooim Yang

Brianna Alcoran