Boxer Makerspace Student Techs

The Berglund Center's Boxer Makerspace student technicians are responsible for the safe operation of all the equipment available for use in the Boxer Makerspace


Boxer Makerspace student tech Ariel Russell

Ariel Russell '22
Fine Arts Major and Art History Minor

I'm an artist who loves popular culture, music, and politics. I tend to work with digital media nowadays, and focus on character design. I'm currently working on a science-fiction comic.







Boxer Makerspace student tech Gracie Bulza

Gracie Bulza '22
Criminal Justice, Law & Society Major

Gracie is interested in medical malpractice and civil rights law. She does digital art work, and, as a hobby, during free time, does ceramics.






Boxer Makerspace student tech Maya Kennon

Maya Kennon '17, OD '23
Doctor of Optometry (OD) Candidate; Mathematics Major with Actuarial Science Emphasis

I am from Las Cruces, NM. I enjoy creative hobbies like painting, aquariums, and design. Working at Makerspace has taught me new skills to practice my creativity in new mediums involving technology.







Boxer Makerspace student tech Lila Gay

Lila Gay '23
Japanese and Biology Major

Pre-med that likes sleeping, music, and watching anime







Boxer Makerspace student tech Enrique Casas Cofradía

Enrique Casas Cofradía '23
Physics Major, Math and Computer science minors

After Pacific, I want to attend graduate school and pursue an advanced degree in physics. I enjoy working on my 3D printer at home and building electrical circuits for projects. When the weather is nice, I like to go biking.





Boxer Makerspace student tech Bryce BrownBryce Brown '25

Hi my name is Bryce, I am a first year student who works inside the Makerspace. I typically work at the front desk but I will often be seen using the glowforge as it is my favorite piece of equipment in the space! Outside of work I am usually just training with soccer or spending time with friends.







Boxer Makerspace student tech Sofi Mishima

Sofi Mishima '25
Psychology Major and Applied Theatre Minor

I like listening to music and spending time outdoors. One day, I hope to be a performer. I didn't know much about 3D printing and using a laser cutter before I started working here, but I'm looking forward to learning more!