Civic Engagement Travel Courses

The McCall Center for Civic Engagement supports travel courses with a civic engagement component. These courses vary in when and where they travel, as well as the frequency of offering. Please contact MCCE staff for more information. 

Current CE Travel Courses

CIV 355 Habitat for Humanity Romania – Summer 2020 (2 credits)

Students will travel to Romania where they will volunteer with Habitat for Humanity and explore Romania. During the first week of the course, students will be building a house in Romania with Habitat for Humanity. During the second week, students will explore Romania’s history, culture, politics, art, architecture, and food.

IS 236 Costa Rica: Service Learning Abroad – Summer 2020 (2 credits)

In this course, students will participate in service learning for two weeks in Costa Rica. During one week, we will provide manual labor on a project in a lower-income urban area (e.g., construction at a school), and during the other week we will volunteer on lower-income eco-friendly farms (e.g., shade coffee) in rural Monteverde. This will deepen students’ understanding of service learning and environment, health and income issues in Costa Rica, while providing services which locals find valuable. This trip includes homestays with Costa Rican families, and a weekend rest at Samara beach.

Previous Civic Engagement Travel Courses

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