Senior Capstone Award for Gender & Sexuality Studies


Application for Consideration

The Center for Gender Equity is offering a Senior Capstone Award of $200.00 for the Senior Capstone project that best addresses issues related to gender and sexuality.

Who is eligible: The CGE Senior Capstone Award is given to one student whose senior capstone project addresses issues related to gender and/or sexuality in a substantive way. Examples of qualifying projects or artistic presentations include work that:

  • explores the ways gender is interrelated with other social hierarchies such as race, ethnicity, class and sexuality
  • furthers the understanding of the impact of gender and/or sexualities on identity
  • increases awareness of the impact of gender and/or sexualities in society
  • explores gender inequality and sexuality-based oppression
  • analyzes how gender and/or sexuality are socially constructed through feminist theories, methodologies and paradigms
  • explores cultural, historical, or social issues specifically through the lens of gender and sexuality studies.

How to apply:
Complete the award application (below) and submit it to the CGE Senior Capstone Award Committee c/o Martha Rampton ( no later than April 21, 2017.  The Committee consists of CGE board and staff members and GSS faculty members and current GSS minors.

Ask your capstone advisor to write an endorsement email to the Committee c/o Martha Rampton. In this email, your advisor should endorse your project’s contribution to the advancement of gender and sexuality studies keeping the above criteria in mind. 

The Committee will vet these initial applications/endorsements, a member of the Committee will attend the capstone presentation of those whose projects are selected, and finalists will be identified.  The finalists will be asked to make their final products (paper or artistic work) available to the committee, and one project will be selected.  The award-winning capstone will be announced at the Senior Awards ceremony in May.

Download the application here.


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