Peer Facilitators

Peer Facilitators are specially trained to deliver workshops on sexual violence prevention. They are part of a passionate and dynamic team committed to preventing interpersonal violence at Pacific. Being a Peer Facilitator provides lots of opportunities to learn and grow, as well as providing key job skills making them highly desirable to hire post graduation.


SW 225: Peer Education | Students explore the root causes of interpersonal violence, and facilitate workshops in the high schools on healthy relationships to earn Civic Engagement credit

SW 305: Advanced Peer Education | This is an experiential learning course, where students get credit for delivering workshops. 

  • "Lets Talk About Sex & Pizza Workshops" in the Fall
  • Athletic Workshops in the Spring 

Leadership Path

  1. Register for SW 225 Peer Education in the Spring
  2. Apply to be a Peer Facilitator for the Fall
  3. If accepted, facilitate "Let's Talk About Sex & Pizza" workshops in the Fall and Athletic workshops in the Spring
  4. Apply to be a Lead Educator

Meet the Peer Facilitators 

  • Sam Anderson | Lead Educator
  • Anika Morkowski | Lead Educator
  • Brandon Hertz | Lead Educator
  • Dakota Dantzer | Lead Educator
  • Bob Sagers, Peer Facilitator
  • Micaela Frick, Peer Facilitator
  • Seema Khatcherian, Peer Facilitator
  • Olivia Murray Ceriello, Peer Facilitator
  • Madi McKay, Peer Facilitator


Contact Us

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