Center for Gender Equity Staff

Staff List

Dr. Martha Rampton


I established the Center for Gender Equity in 2001 because I saw a need on Pacific's campus and in the surrounding communities for dialogue, education, and advocacy around issues of gender and sexuality. People and institutions are made to suffer because of rigid societal expectations regarding gender. I would like to live in a world where gender and sexuality are choices, freely made and celebrated.

Andie Harrison ‘17 | Sherman County Oregon

Business Administration Major


The Center for Gender Equity provides a two-way relationship in which I can try to make the community around me better, while the organization simultaneously makes me a better person. In CGE I feel I set out to teach others about injustices, but I always end up learning along the way. Now more than ever it is important that we start the conversations that make us uncomfortable and make us reflect on our lives, and to me that's why CGE is so important, because we make it our goal to have those conversations.

Hannah Salmons ‘17 | Oak Harbor, WA

Exercise Science Integrative Physiology Major &  Biology Minor



I became a part of the CGE staff in my sophomore year of college. I connected with the overall message of promoting all individuals, no matter gender or sexual orientation. One of the best parts about working for CGE is I am constantly getting to meet new people who open my eyes to different ways of thinking, all while doing something I am passionate about. Some of the projects I have enjoyed most are, Take Back the Night, Human Body Canvas, and Love Your Body Week.


Kyle Southard ‘17 | Corvallis, Oregon

Creative Writing/Literature, Studio Art, Editing and Publishing

Office Manager

I am an avid believer in equity across all types of people. Although I do not feel as though I have the skills or abilities to effectively lead the charge, working with CGE has given me an amazing opportunity to provide a support role in the ongoing fight to end discrimination.

Gillian Reiman ‘17 | Concord, CA

Creative Writing & Literature Major

Administrative Assistant

I've been a staff member for CGE for all four years of my time at Pacific and each year reaffirms my belief in our message of spreading gender equality, tolerance, love and a little bit of fun across campus and across our community.

Josie Kochendorfer ‘17 | Beaverton, OR

Creative Writing and Psychology Major & Literature Minor

Project's Coordinator

I am working with CGE to help promote the conversation of diversity around campus. Everyone, regardless of gender, sexuality, race, culture, etc. deserve to feel safe on campus, and planning diverse events helps to give individuals that comfort.

Abby Vanderzanden ‘17 | Forest Grove, OR

Public Health B.S. Major, Gender and Sexuality Studies Minor

Projects Coordinator

I decided to apply for a position with CGE because I had taken the GSS course where you volunteer to work with CGE. After taking the course, I knew this was an organization that I wanted to work for because I connected with their mission as well as the people on staff.

Bijoux Doherty ‘17 | Newberg, Oregon

Chemistry Major

GSS-341 student

I am passionate about social justice and equality and want to make a difference on campus, and for Pacific students.

Cyn Kealoha ‘18 | Pukalani, Maui.

Psychology Major & Gender and Sexuality Studies Minor.

Project's Coordinator

Being a GSS minor, and someone who is not cisgender, gender is very important to me. Having programs for students here that are based around gender is really incredible, and I am very glad to be a part of it.


Olivia Barrows ‘19 | Grand Junction, Colorado

Double Major in International Studies and French & Gender and Sexuality Studies Minor

Project coordinator

When I applied to CGE, my brothers were being pressured to get into relationships, and so I began to realize how issues of gender expectations affect everyone, not just women. I wanted a way to work against this and make my community a more positive environment, and CGE was the perfect way to become involved.

Sabrina Cortes ‘18 | Oakley, California

Sociology Major

Projects Coordinator

I am very passionate about issues surrounding domestic violence, sexual assault, and gender inequality. Working here allows me to advocate for my passions, while helping the community; and I can't think of a better way to spend my time.

Marissa Williams ‘19 | Mission Viejo, CA

Psychology Major & Gender and Sexuality Studies Minor

Project Coordinator

I've always felt passionate about equity between genders but did not know how to effectively do it. Working with the Center for Gender Equity not only helps me to be an activist, but allows me to teach others how to be an activist for all of the issues covered in our mission statement.

Ash Adams ‘20 | Winchester Bay, OR/ Mabank, TX

Literature Major & Psychology and Gender and Sexuality Studies Minor

Projects Coordinator

As someone who is active in the LGBTQ community and considers themselves a feminist, CGE's mission statement and goals align with my personal interests. Working for CGE is getting the amazing chance to organize events centered around what I'm passionate about with an extraordinary team of coworkers at my back that are also passionate about what we do.

Sophia O'Neal ‘20 | Dixon, CA

Politics and Government Major & Gender & Sexuality Studies Minor

Projects Coordinator

I am part of the Center for Gender Equity because I believe the work we do on and off campus is vital in spreading education and awareness around issues of gender. The staff here is incredibly compassionate and hard working, and I am proud to say I am a member of the Center for Gender Equity.

Dylan Wacker ‘20 | Rockaway Beach, Oregon

Media Arts Major

Graphic Design Coordinator

I was very excited to do graphic design for a cause. Gender equity and LGBT rights are very important to me, and CGE has provided me an avenue to make a difference while doing something I love.

Amanda Barr ‘20 | Wichita, KS

Psychology Graduate student (PsyD) Health Track

Staff Member

Over the years, I have been involved in many projects advocating for women and members of the LGBTQ+ communities. I am passionate about protecting reproductive rights and body autonomy, promoting body positivity, and underscoring the intersectional component of my feminism. I am grateful to be a part of CGE, where I can help foster dialogue, growth, and community here at Pacific.