Center for Gender Equity Staff

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Dr. Martha Rampton

I established the Center for Gender Equity in 2001 because I saw a need on Pacific's campus and in the surrounding communities for dialogue, education, and advocacy around issues of gender and sexuality. People and institutions are made to suffer because of rigid societal expectations regarding gender. I would like to live in a world where gender and sexuality are choices, freely made and celebrated.


Sophia on the Right

Sophia O'Neal

Class of '20 | Dixon, CA
Position: Co-Chair

While focusing her major in Politics and Government, and having a minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies, Sophia has made the Dean's List (Fall 2016-present); organized CGE's group to the 2017 Women's March on Portland, was a project lead on Sex and Gender on the Campaign Trail (2016), Oregon's Place Post-2016 Election (2017), Girls Today (2017), and Women in the Workplace (2017). Sophia is currently a Student Multicultural Center Social Justice Educator, while doing so organized DREAMers Vigil (2017). Along with all of this, Sophia is also a member of Pacific's Cross Country and Track teams, and a College Democrats Political Director.

Marissa Williams

Class of ’19 | Mission Viejo, CA
Position: Co-Chair

Marissa is currently working on a Psychology degree, minoring in Gender and Sexuality Studies. As a member of CGE, Marissa first became a Projects Coordinator in Fall 2016, then transitioned to Co-Chair as of Spring 2018. She led the start of CGE's Masculinity Week, which began Spring 2017 and occurred once more in Fall 2017. Marissa is also treasurer of her sorority, Delta Chi Delta, and has been since joining in Spring 2017. With help from this position, she was award “Pledge of the Year” by her sorority. Marissa is currently working on a Formative Program Evaluation of CGE, along with fellow member Kaira Bird, for her upcoming senior thesis.

Christiana Warner

Class of ’21 | Eagle, Idaho
Position: Administrative Assistant

Christiana is a freshman focusing her studies in Politics and Government and International Studies, while also minoring in French. She is heavily involved with Pacific's choral program, the Forensics team, and the Debate team.

Julius being AdventurousJulius H. Barajas

Class of ‘20 | Chicago, IL
Position: Communications Coordinator

Majoring in Physics, and minoring in Japanese, Julius joined CGE in Fall 2017. Before this, he had a heavy participation in event, such as Masculinity Week, It's a Guy Thing, and being a canvas for CGE's Human Body Canvas event. While Julius is a member of CGE, he was previously in Air Force ROTC, Arnold Air Society, is currently a Pacific University Technology Help Desk Assistant, a member of Japanese club, Physics club, and a Resident Assistant. 

DylanWDylan Wacker

Class of '20 | Rockaway Beach, OR
Position: Graphic Designer

Joining in Fall 2016, Dylan has designed the buttons and posters that CGE uses around campus and online. Using his love for graphic design, Dylan has been able to show how important Gender Equality and LGBT rights are to him through his work. Along with this, Dylan is Vice President of Pacific's Art Club and has helped lead CGE's It's a Guy Thing.

Tessa.JPGTessa Nelson

Class of '19 | Portland , OR
Position: Social Media Coordinator

As a Media Arts major and Gender and Sexuality minor, Tessa joined CGE in Spring 2018 as the Social Media Coordinator. Tessa uses her skills to build CGE’s presence to bring awareness to events and to highlight the positive impact that CGE creates throughout the world.

Emily on the RightEmily DeYoung

Class of ’21 | McMinnville, OR
Position: Projects Coordinator

Emily is a Projects Coordinator for CGE. Emily wishes to pursue teaching and learning more about gender studies. She is currently a member of the Pacific Track and Field Team. Emily has excelled as a Projects Coordinator by playing a large roll in CGE’s Step into Her Shoes March and Relay, BoXXXer Talk Radio Show, and the Girls Today Camp for local middle school ladies. “I joined CGE to do my part in making a positive impact in the community,” says Emily. “I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work for an organization that allows me to do so with so many incredibly driven people!”

Cyn KealohaCyn Kealoha

Class of ‘18 | Maui, Hawaii
Position: Projects Coordinator

As a psychology major and Sociology minor, Cyn became a Projects Coordinator in Fall 2015. Since then, they have genuinely enjoyed their time with CGE. “The work that is done here is work towards a better tomorrow,” says Cyn. They has led many CGE sponsored projects, most recently and successfully CGE’s Spectrum Outreach Group.

Sebatian and Water

Sebastian Herr

Class of '20 | Myrtle Creek, OR
Position: Projects Coordinator

In Fall 2017, Sebastian joined CGE as a Projects Coordinator, helping in events such as It's a Guy Thing (2018), Masculinity Week (2017), and much more. Being a Journalism Major, Sebastian plays a large role in Pacific's newspaper, as you can often find his writing located there.

Ash and CatAsh Adams

Class of 19’ | Winchester Bay, OR/ Mabank TX
Position: Projects Coordinator

Ash joined CGE in Fall 2015, and since then has lead LGBTQ Week (2017), Co-hosted BoXXXer Talk radio, It’s a Guy Thing, and much more. Along with these accomplishments, Ash is a Literature Major and Pledge Captain for their sorority, Delta Chi Delta.



Pose Kaira!Kaira Bird

Class of ‘20 | Salt Lake City, UT
Position: Projects Coordinator

While majoring in Psychology and minoring in Gender & Sexuality Studies, Kaira first joined CGE in Fall 2016 as a GSS student, then as a Projects Coordinator. Using her major, Kaira, along with fellow staff member Marissa Williams, has been working on a formative program evaluation of CGE. “It has been a great opportunity to learn more about CGE's history and growth, and I am so excited to be a part of that!” says Kaira. In addition to being a Projects Coordinator, she has focused much of her work this year on creating a more cohesive GSS program. In doing so, Kaira has brought to the program social events that optimize scholarly collaboration and education on topics not always covered in class. Kaira is a strong advocate for positive, comprehensive sex education and would like to work to make more inclusive sexual health and body positivity resources available to others.

Lydia MLydia Malcom

Class of ’20 | State College, PA
Position: GSS-341 Student/Projects Coordinator

Lydia is a current GSS-341 student, and as such will be interning and working as a Projects Coordinator for CGE. Lydia is currently helping CGE’s Take Back the Night March. Lydia is also a Lead Wellness Educator and a Student Instructor at Outdoor Pursuits

Caiden Smiling!

Caiden Marks

Class of ‘21 | Pendleton, OR
Position: GSS-341 Student/Projects Coordinator

Caiden is a current GSS-341 student, and as such will be interning and working as a Projects Coordinator for CGE. Caiden is currently working on CGE’s It’s a Guy Thing (2018).