University Chaplain

"7 Reasons To Hang Out With Your University Chaplain (Even If You're Not Religious)"

"Whether you are about to step foot on your future alma mater for the first time or are returning to pick up your college life where you left it last spring, you should definitely stop by the chaplain's office this semester." (Read full article).

The Rev. Dr. Chuck Currie, director of the Center for Peace and Spirituality, is also the University Chaplain at Pacific University.

Members of the Congregational Church, now the United Church of Christ (UCC), founded Pacific University and while Dr. Currie is a UCC minister, the role of the University Chaplain is to support all students regardless of their faith background.  We recognize that the Pacific community is religiously diverse – such diversity is a gift – and through the work of the University Chaplain and the Center for Peace and Spirituality, Pacific University hopes to enhance interfaith relationships and understanding in our pluralistic society. 

What ways can the University Chaplain assist members of the Pacific community in their spiritual development?

  • The University Chaplain is available to assist students and others in finding places of worship
  • The University Chaplain is available to provide support to student faith groups on campus to further the mission of the University
  • The University Chaplain is available to provide short-term pastoral care to students and other Pacific community members as requested.  At Pacific University we define pastoral care in these terms:

“Pastoral care, which can be defined simply as ‘companioning another’s spirit,’ offers a way to tend to the well-being of our innermost selves. Rather than provide solutions, Pacific’s ministry of pastoral care is here to walk with you during your time of need, listen deeply to your concerns and help you reconnect to your spirit and to a sense of wholeness. Pastoral care may include hospital and in-home visits, short-term pastoral counseling, telephone calls, sending cards, delivering a meal, or other activities as deemed appropriate by Pacific’s University Chaplain. Students in need of mental health counseling should consult with the Student Counseling Center or ask the University Chaplain for a referral.  Pastoral care is not professional counseling.” (Adapted from Eliot Chapel)

The University Chaplain is also available to

  • Provide prayers at University occasions as requested
  • Conduct weddings, memorials and funerals as requested for members of the University community
  • Officiate and coordinate special worship services

Contact Rev. Dr. Chuck Currie at 503-352-2032 or for additional information. Dr. Currie's office is in Drake House, 108 (look for what would be the house's garage).