Agents of Sustainability Student Team

Our Director

Michelle Larkins, PhD

Michelle Larkins earned her PhD in Community Sustainability, from Michigan State University. There her research focused on women's work in food and environmental justice action at the local level, with emphasis on the experiences of Latina immigrants and how resource inequity impacts sustainability outcomes. She was a Charles Stuart Mott Doctoral fellow in Sustainable Agriculture, and served for three years as a researcher for the Global Center for Food Systems Innovation, a United States Agency for International Development (USAID) funded laboratory, working on sustainability initiatives and ethical market development in Malawi, Africa. Michelle has spent time at the Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CIRTL), where she worked to inform new STEM curriculum and pedagogy to reflect the experiences of underrepresented student groups, and helped to develop assessment standards for faculty and learning portfolios for undergraduate students pursuing degrees in environmental and sustainability studies. She holds a Masters of Science from MSU in Fisheries and Wildlife. and has previously taught courses in Environmental Science, and Gender and the Environment, at colleges in Michigan and Colorado. 

Outside of work, Michelle enjoys working in her garden, hiking with her two dogs, and any water sport-- but especially sailing, and kayaking.

Student Team

The Center for a Sustainable Society has six student members on it's 2016-2017 team. The diversity of the group allows the team to come up with new ideas and projects to further aide Pacific University in it's mission to be sustainable.

Haley Pock

Haley is a freshman here at Pacific. She is going in undeclared, but she is interested in majoring in Design with a minor in French. She grew up in Bisbee, Arizona until her family moved to Forest Grove, Oregon in May 2010. When not working on her studies, Haley enjoys reading, participating in drama and choir, making art, and generally having a good time. “I am so excited to be a Boxer and I look forward to working with everyone in the CSS and at Pacific!”

Edgar Fausto Sanchez

Edgar is currently a sophomore, and is from Forest Grove, Oregon. He is majoring in physics and environmental engineering. He’s always had a passion and excitement for the outdoors, and he hopes to harness that passion to become an environmental engineer. Edgar’s favorite forest in Oregon is the Tillamook State Forest, and the Willamette Forest is a close second. One of his top favorite trails is the Wilson River Trail. As for pets, he has a sassy 2 year old rabbit named Larry. Edgar is excited to be a part of the CSS team and aims to be involved with projects focusing on materials management and energy.


Tabitha Merten

Tabitha Merten is a senior at Pacific University. Her major is in environmental studies, focusing on politics and government within that and she is minoring in outdoor leadership. She grew up in Parkdale, Oregon along the Columbia River Gorge spending countless hours hiking, biking, camping, and finding ways to get outdoors and enjoy what the earth has to offer. "I'm often considered a tree hugger and an unwavering environmentalist, and I hold those titles proudly. Seeing the world strive towards sustainability and awareness gives me hope, and I'm excited to help brainstorm and implement the changes we need to make individually, on campus, and together as a community."

Madison Thompson

Madison Thompson is a senior from San Francisco, California. She is double majoring in Environmental Studies as well as Philosophy. She enjoys video games, hiking, reading, camping, and playing with her dog. She is co-editor of the opinion section of the Pacific Index and is president of the Philosophy Club on campus. "I would consider myself a new-ish environmentalist, but passionate about it nonetheless! I'm really looking forward to working with Aramark to bring more veg* options to on-campus dining, and hope I can make a tangible, positive change on campus ."



Gabriella Brill

Gabriella Brill is a senior from Valencia, California majoring in Environmental Biology. She enjoys going on outdoor adventures and getting involved with projects on campus! She is a sustainability coordinator at the Center for a Sustainable Society and is involved in the composting initiative in campus, along with other food waste and food rescue programs. Gabriella is involved with our initiative to divest from fossil fuels, and is part of a student team managing a project in social impact investing.