Agents of Sustainability Student Team

Our Director

Stephanie Stokamer

Stephanie Stokamer

Stephanie is the Director of the McCall Center for Civic Engagement and an Associate Professor of Civic Engagement. She has taught in and administered community-based learning courses in both undergraduate and graduate programs since 2005 and is temporarily overseeing the CSS. 

She has a doctorate in Educational Leadership from Portland State University, and her areas of scholarship include service-learning, civic engagement, and education for democracy, particularly with respect to pedagogical practices and faculty development. Stephanie has contributed to numerous books and publications related to civic learning in higher education, presents regularly at conferences, and conducts workshops for faculty, students, and community partners. 

Stephanie is an AmeriCorps*VISTA alum and was a National Service Fellow in 1997-1998 for the Corporation for National and Community Service. 

Student Team

The Center for a Sustainable Society has two student members on it's 2021-2022 team. 


Ezra Pira

Edgar is currently a sophomore, and is from Forest Grove, Oregon. He is majoring in physics and environmental engineering. He’s always had a passion and excitement for the outdoors, and he hopes to harness that passion to become an environmental engineer. Edgar’s favorite forest in Oregon is the Tillamook State Forest, and the Willamette Forest is a close second. One of his top favorite trails is the Wilson River Trail. As for pets, he has a sassy 2 year old rabbit named Larry. Edgar is excited to be a part of the CSS team and aims to be involved with projects focusing on materials management and energy.
Julio Montelongo

Julio Montelongo

Julio Montelongo is a senior at Pacific who previously transferred over from Portland Community College. Originally from Texas, he has called Oregon home for the past 7 years, immersing himself to the cultural diversity and communities that make the Pacific Northwest,  the Pacific Northwest. In that time, he has been able to enjoy  the beauty of the lush scenic outdoors( camping, hiking, swimming, etc.), eating out with friends in downtown PDX or relaxing indoors with the rain falling down, he has an open-mind to any sort of good time. “I enjoy helping get people out of their comfort-zone  in order to be better than who they are and broaden their minds to the world around. This year, a key focus of mine will be to bring the various groups on campus together in order learn how to better grow as a university community.”


Daela Muñoz

Daela wants people to live well and eat well. Her projects with the Center for a Sustainable Society revolve primarily around Native American land and food justice. Her experience working with the Portland-based non-profit, Wisdom of the Elders, has given her many opportunities to learn about the unique ways in which Indigenous people interpret the environment—and adapt to a changing one. She believes there is much to learn from Indigenous peoples when it comes to resilience and sustainability, and aims to bring an understanding of Oregon’s Native history to Pacific University. 


Drew Fagerness

Drew Fagerness is a senior Business-Finance major with a passion for sustainability, physical activity and nature. As a life long native to the Pacific Northwest, he takes pride in the scenic land and environment he calls home. Drew has past work experience in the banking industry as a financial analyst, is a member of the Pacific University baseball team, and the Pacific University business club. Drew's goal with Center for a Sustainable Society is to provide funds to worthy recipients through the practice of impact investing.



Chris Abosamra

Chris is a junior here at Pacific University. Originally from San Diego, California, he plans to major in environmental sciences with an emphasis in sustainable design and a minor in Spanish. Chris is also apart of the Pacific Men’s soccer team. He always grew up with a love for being outside with nature and that is one reason he loves it so much here in Oregon. His favorite places to go and explore here are the Oregon coast and the Tillamook forest. Chris also enjoys venturing up to Mount Hood. His aim with CSS is to spread awareness about energy consumption and how necessary it is to save our recourses and to use them wisely. Chris wants to educate people mostly on the topic of water and how important it is for us to conserve as much of it as we can.