Food & Dining | Sustainability

Pacific University Dining Services, operated by ARAMARK, has worked to reduce waste and offer sustainable dining options to campus communities.

To reduce waste, Boxer Dining donates excess food preparations to the Salvation Army and SOS kitchens in Washington County, donates food waste to a local pig farm to reduce landfill and serves all “to-go” items in compostable containers.

In 2011, at the impetus of students, ARAMARK discontinued sales of bottled water, and Pacific installed several hydration stations around its campuses for community members to fill their reusable water bottles. Boxer Dining also offers discounts for customers using reusable mugs when purchasing coffee or tea.

Nearly 25 percent of all food purchases are local, supplying vegetables, fruits milk, processed dairy products, meat, eggs, seafood, baked goods, granola and sauces. In addition, Pacific's B Street farm is a certified vendor to Aramark, selling certified organic produce. To learn more about B Street's organic produce certification, visit Oregon Tilth by following this link.

Dining options include vegetarian and vegan food choices, as well as the choice of local, cage-free eggs.

ARAMARK also employs a student sustainability intern to research opportunities to increase sustainability initiatives.

More details are available at Dining Services website.