2015-2016 Events & Projects

Peter Singer lecture

Thursday 10 September, 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM - Stoller Center: Join us for a free and public lecture on "The Most Good You Can Do: Effectively Aiding Humans and Other Animals. Co-sponsored by the McCall Center.

Hispanic Heritage Month Forum

Saturday 19 September, 8:30-3:45. Salúd Services, Tuality Health Education Center, 334 SE 8th Avenue, Hillsboro, Oregon. The division that has kept communities apart, divided and often in conflict has its roots in real and perceived biases, prejudice and discrimination. Litigation and legislation have sought to eradicate such division but with minimal results as evident by social, economic and political divides that prevail in the public and private sector.

"The Coming 2016 Election: View from the Pollster and the Pundit"

September. Talk with pollster John Horvick to the Oregon Business Association board of directors, Newberg, Oregon.

"The Political Landscape: What Does It Mean to BPA?"

November. Talk to Fall managers meeting of the Bonneville Power Administration (over 400 managers from Montana, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon), Portland, Oregon.

"Crafting a Regional Water Policy"

January. Moderated a panel of metro area officials, sponsored by City Club of Portland and Washington County Public Affairs Forum.

Martin Luther King, Jr., Day

18 January. Annual celebration of King day with "Be True to What You Say on Paper" as the main theme. A community march, keynote by Gulzar Ahmed, past president of the American Muslim Alliance, music by Savanna Carter, student panel on freedoms of speech, peacable assembly, relition, petition, and how current events have an impact on Muslims.

"Terrorism, Immigration: How the World and the United States Understand These Issues"

January. Talk to the United Nations Association group at Rose Villa, Milwaukie, Oregon.

"The 2016 Elections: What to Watch For, What to Expect"

February. Talk to Pacific University Alumni Association members.

"Scotland, the Vote on Independence, and the Future of the United Kingdom"

24 February. Iain Mcwhirter, a reporter and observer of UK politics and the Scottish discussion about independence, talked with a Pacific University class on the subject, had breakfast with students to discuss Scotland and the world, and lunch with Pacific alumni to continue the conversation.

"How Anonymous Narrowly Avoided the Cyberterror Rhetorical Machine"

3 March. Gabriella Coleman. Part of the Cheron Mayhall Lecture Series, sponsored by Department of Politics and Government and McCall Center.

"Update on the 2016 Presidential Elections"

March. Talk to the Forest Grove, Oregon, Rotary Club.