Pacific University sponsored the annual Tom McCall Forum for 25 years, bringing together liberal and conservative figures to debate issues of national importance. Forum participants and topics included:

2007 | Lee Hamilton and John Bolton
U.S. Foreign Policy Post-’08

2006 | Tom Daschle and Pat Buchanan
Democracy at the Crossroads: Does Our System Work

2005 | Howard Dean and Richard Perle
American Foreign Policy Post–9/11

2004 | Molly Ivins and William Kristol
Election 2004: Winners and Losers

2003 | Bill Bradley and David Gergen
Assessing the Bush Presidency: 9/11 to Enron

2002 | Newt Gingrich and Ralph Nader
Who Rules America? Power in the New Millennium

2001 | Alan Dershowitz and Ralph Reed
Religion, Politics and the Constitution

2000 | Mary Matalin and James Carville
Leadership for the 21st Century: Campaign 2000

1999 | C. Everett Koop and Joseph Califano
Health Care: Right or Responsibility

1998 | Haley Barbour and Leon Panetta
Money and Politics

1997 | Dan Quayle and Robert Kennedy Jr
Striking the Balance: The Economy and the Environmentalist

1996 | Mario Cuomo and Lynn Martin
From New Hampshire to November: Values vs. Votes

1995 | James Carville and William Safire
Conservation and the Future of the GOP

1994 | Pierre Salinger and John Sununu
The President and the Press: Who Sets the Agenda

1992 | Jesse Jackson and Peter Ueberroth
American Cities: An Agenda for the Next President

1991 | Geraldine Ferraro and William Bennett
Leadership in the 1990s: Democracy and the National Conscience

1990 | Carl Bernstein and Michael Deaver
Media in U.S. Politics: Powerbroker or Pawn?

1989 | Arthur Schlesinger Jr. and Robert Bork
​Law of the Land: Politics in Courts?

1988 | Pat Schroeder and Jeane Kirkpatrick
​American Foreign Policy in the 1990s: Who is the Enemy?

1987 | Robert McNamara and Zbingniew Brzezinski
Preventing Nuclear War: The ‘Star Wars’ Option

1986 | Andrew Young and Arthur Laffer
Reagan’s Stewardship of the Economy

1985 | George McGovern and James Watt
Economic & Environmental Progress: Is There a Free Lunch After All?

1984 | William F. Buckley Jr. and Dick Clark
America’s Future: Is Liberal Politics Dead?

1983 | Mulford Q. Sibley, Howard Phillips and Admiral Noel Gayler
Total Disarmament: Hope, Hoax or Utopia?

1982 | Cal Thomas and Sam Brown
The Moral Majority: A Debate