Where Can I Get Assessed?

At this time, the Office of Accessibility & Accommodation (OAA) does not provide disability testing services.  However, Pacific University operates a wide variety of healthcare clinics, some of which may assist you in acquiring the necessary documentation of a disability that is required for our office to provide the services you require

The clinics listed are affiliated with Pacific University and are only suggestions.

There are many other practices that offer evaluations—some of which may be able to complete your evaluation in a shorter time frame though this may or may not incur a higher cost. Another thing to keep in mind is that you may have insurance that may cover all or part of your assessments at some clinics. The costs of these and other services vary and for some services, Pacific Students may be granted a discounted price. The OAA encourages you to compare services and pursue the assessments you need at the best cost for you.

Hours of operation, locations and costs listed on the Pacific University clinic webpages are subject to change. Remember to keep in mind that just because a site is on this list, it does not necessarily mean that the OAA will accept all reports from the clinic.

Make sure the clinic you go to can provide the correct type of documentation. Please review our Disability Documentation Standards and Eligibilty for Accommodations page before your visit to a clinic to ensure you obtain the documentation you need in the most timely and cost efficient manner possible.