Note-taker Services Information


Note-takers are provided for students who, because of a documented disability, cannot effectively take notes in class. In most cases, a classmate volunteer is found to copy their own class notes for the student. While the student may need to ask his/her note-taker questions to clarify the notes, the note-taker is not a tutor.


Note-takers are paid an honorarium for their assistance. As a note-taker, you will be paid $10 per credit per semester. For example: $30 per semester for a 3 credit class (3cr x $10/credit = $30 paid at the end of the semester).


As a note-taker, you are expected to:

  • Attend class regularly and be on time. You are expected to attend the entire class period
  • Take thorough notes of lecture material and main discussion points
  • Write legibly in dark pencil or pen so that the notes are clear when copied.
  • Clearly make note of homework assignments given verbally and/or on the board
  • Copy/Share your notes after each class with the OAA student in a mutually agreed upon manner.  
  • If you are absent from class, notify the student and/or find someone else's notes to copy for you and the student

If need for a note-taker has been announced in your class, and you would like to serve, please contact OAA for next steps.