Academic Progress

Academic Advising

Professional Programs

Please see the Pacific University Catalog for academic advising procedures for specific professional programs.

Arts & Sciences, Education and Business Undergraduates

Students are assigned a faculty advisor by the Dean's Office upon admission to Pacific. Advisors work closely with students to develop a sequence of courses that meets individual needs. Experience shows that successful students are those who have frequent contact with their faculty advisors; thus, students may not register for classes until they have consulted with their advisor. When students declare a major, usually during the sophomore year, they should be working with a faculty advisor in their major area. Problems with advising should be taken to the Dean's Office. Students who expect to apply to Pacific programs in teacher education, optometry, physical therapy, occupational therapy, or professional psychology must pass specific prerequisite courses; please see the relevant sections of the catalog. Students are urged to seek the help of the Admission Office, which maintains information on prerequisite courses. Because of the sequential nature of many of the required courses, students who are considering medical school should seek out the advice of Dr. Lisa Sardinia, Biology Department, during their first year.

Academic Evaluation

Academic evaluation, also referred to as "degree audit," analyzes the student's program from transcripted coursework and current registration. Coursework is distributed according to the way degree requirements and programs have been written. The Academic Evaluation Report displays this analysis and, along with the catalog, is a primary tool for academic advising. Students may access their academic evaluation via BoxerOnline at any time.

Class Level Status

Arts & Sciences, Education and Business Undergraduates

Semester Hours Class
0-29 Freshman
30-59 Sophomore
60-89 Junior
90+ Senior

Satisfactory Progress

  • Professional Programs Please see the Pacific University Catalog for satisfactory progress requirements for specific professional programs.
  • Arts & Sciences Students will maintain satisfactory academic progress by meeting each of these standards:
    • A cumulative GPA at Pacific University of at least 2.0
    • 12 hours of coursework credited toward graduation in the previous semester in which they were enrolled
    • A GPA of at least 2.0 in the previous semester

Academic Jeopardy

Students encountering academic problems are reminded that financial aid eligibility also depends on academic achievement. For specific questions, see the Financial Aid section in the Pacific University Catalog, and consult with the Financial Aid Office. You can email questions to the Financial Aid Office at