STEM Career Advising Curriculum

The STEM Advantage Scholars Program aims to help low-income, first generation and AAPI students be ready for their future careers through guided instruction and advising. The goal of this program is to serve the vast majority of students in facilitating and supporting their career ambitions and steps along the way including: exploration, gaining experience, and applying for jobs and/or graduate/professional schools.

The program aims to achieve this goal through:

  • Career Exploration by raising awareness of professions and pathways to these professions.
  • Career Integration by gaining experience and understanding of the requirements for these professions. They also seek to empower students and provide tools and strategies to prepare them for life after college via internships, volunteering, service-learning, research, and/or self-analysis.
  • Career Management via directed support in creating strategic plans, making connections between academics and career goals, as well as providing focused instruction to prepare students for their next steps in applying their education after graduation.


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